Researchers: Madelaine Cahuas (College of Liberal Arts, Department of Geography, Environment and Society) and Jessica Lopez Lyman (College of Liberal Arts, Department of Chicano and Latino Studies)

This study analyzes Latina/o/x displacement and access to affordable housing for families whose children attend two charter schools—Academia Cesar Chavez (Eastside St. Paul) and El Colegio High School (South Minneapolis). Since these schools’ mission and vision are dependent on centering Latina/o/x identity and culture, the potential gentrification of these neighborhoods could lead to decreased enrollments and severe consequences for the schools such as having to relocate or at the very worst close. Based on interviews, focus groups, and quantitative spatial analysis we seek to understand the trends in the Latina/o/x urban landscape. This project is critical for the schools to advocate for the communities they serve and navigate the funding challenges that come with lower enrollments.