CURA works with communities to provide grants and technical assistance, as well as to produce research and knowledge, that helps shape vital places to live and work throughout Minnesota. Our work is driven by the community and the knowledge that is produced belongs to the community. We value knowledge, and believe that community is a source of unique knowledge because of the lived experience and cultural wisdom of residents.

CURA Annual Community Impact

CURA Annual Community Impact



Residents should lead the decision-making in their own communities. CURA provides small grants to community-based organizations, neighborhoods, and artists so they have the resources to generate solutions and create opportunities, while honoring their unique knowledge and experience.

Research, Organizing & Technical Assistance

Communities have the skills and experience to conduct research that produces valuable knowledge. CURA connects community leaders with University resources to expand community research capacity and explore innovative ideas for closing racial and economic disparities around the region.

Data and Visualization

Data and visual storytelling often compel us to action in ways that words alone can’t. CURA supports communities in accessing and using information in creative ways to build support for community-driven change.

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