Neighborhood Leadership and Organizing

Community members understand their own issues like nobody else can, and must be the leading voice in setting the community agenda. Leadership of neighborhood organizations should be accountable to and reflective of the diverse communities they represent. 

CURA’s Neighborhood Leadership and Organizing program offers training and organizing assistance to support local leaders in identifying and tackling neighborhood issues, and in building vital communities that value full participation and embody racial equity and economic justice. We also build connections across organizations and communities in Strategic collaboration across communities to create an equitable region.

Program Strategies

Neighborhood Leadership and Organizing offers the following resources:

  • Community organizing training and support that builds skills and knowledge for place-based community organizing. Our Neighborhoods Now! program offers formal group trainings in community organizing each spring and fall.
  • Customized training experiences for organizers and organizations that include mentoring, coaching, consulting, and providing technical assistance and training.
  • Direct organizing support to communities and organizations upon request.
  • Strategic partnerships between organizations across multiple geographies to influence regional decision making. We also support strategic partnership between community-based organizations and other University programs.

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