Researcher: Amanda L. Sullivan (Department of Educational Psychology, College of Education and Human Development)

Efficiently, effectively identifying and supporting multiply minoritized P12 students with educational difficulties is increasingly challenging for educational systems nationally, and in Minnesota in particular, given complex issues related to our racial and economic disparities. This project will explore the intersections of two especially vulnerable populations: students who experience housing insecurity and students with disabilities. Research underscores a number of challenges related to the identification of both groups, and these difficulties are heightened by increased school mobility and housing insecurity during the COVID-19 crisis. The proposed project will build on the local researcher-practitioner partnership, Homework Starts with Home, to explore the overlap in these two groups in Minnesota. Quantitative analyses of Minn-LInK data will provide state agencies and school systems with insight into patterns of educational disability among students who experience housing security and vice versa; and relations to participation in education, housing, and social services.