CURA 50th Anniversary

CURA was established by the University of Minnesota Board of Regents in 1968 in response to the social and political upheaval of that time. Many universities established centers like CURA, but most of these have shifted their focus. CURA, in contrast, remains a thriving center for community-engaged research, always evolving with community needs. 

Over the nearly five decades since the center was established, CURA has worked on issues ranging from economic vitality, demographic change, energy, education, housing, the environment, public safety, recreation, land development, civic engagement, and more. 

Today, CURA is a nationally recognized center that connects talented residents, community organizations, government agencies, and researchers to develop new knowledge about public policy issues. Ultimately, this knowledge improves public decision-making, resulting in smarter investments, stronger communities, and a better quality of life for Minnesota and the nation.

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