The Impacts of Commercial Vacant Property on West Broadway Avenue, Cover

The City of Minneapolis faces a growing issue with vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties, particularly in areas like North Minneapolis. The City has committed to getting these properties back into functional usage, and in partnership with the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs’ (CURA) Kris Nelson Program, the North Minneapolis Promise Zone analyzed the City’s redevelopment process. Through a case-study and survey of West Broadway Avenue in North Minneapolis, it was found that numerous properties in the vicinity have experienced significant losses in value, amounting to millions of dollars collectively. Survey responses indicate a community divided on the impact of vacant properties, with some feeling it's normal while others perceive it as a deterrent to visiting the area. There's a shared desire for more affordable housing and a call for better responsiveness from city services like the 311 line. 

The study suggests two policy recommendations: 

  1. A need for a more proactive approach to identifying vacant properties beyond the current complaint-based system.
  2. Increased financial investment from various levels of government to expedite redevelopment efforts, ensuring a more equitable and vibrant community.

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