In an effort to be more thoughtful and strategic about our work, we have decided not to issue an open call for summer Community-Based Research (CBR) projects with the Kris Nelson Program. This pause is not a standstill, but a deliberate step toward growth. We recognize the importance of taking this time to restructure our approach, seek feedback from past partners to evaluate the program's impact, and engage in thorough organizing and sharing of past projects. The summer will also be a period for forging connections with potential community partners, paving the way for intentional and meaningful projects going forward.

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss research ideas, no matter how preliminary or well-developed they may be. I'm eager to engage in conversations and explore the potential of your ideas together. We look forward to the exciting developments and improvements that will emerge from this period of reflection and planning.

Lee Guekguezian (she/hers)
Schedule a meeting with me!
Program Coordinator, Community-Based Research Programs
Center for Urban and Regional Affairs
University of Minnesota
Cell phone: 617-833-2384

More details about community-based research:

The Nelson Program is generously funded by the McKnight Foundation.