Working in collaboration with CANDO, the Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization, Makers of History utilizes grassroots community engagement and documentary storytelling to produce a community driven film about health, housing and history of South Minneapolis. Both the process of making the film and screenings of the film will act as a tool for community driven development in the Central Neighborhood, sparking dialogue with community members, policymakers, developers and non-profit organizations to improve community health and housing initiatives.

About the artists: 

Ryan Stopera is a photographer, filmmaker, videographer, social worker, community organizer, and educator. He has worked in direct social services and grassroots community organizing for over 10 years. Adja Gildersleve is a videographer and educator, and consultant with more than 10 years of experience. Adja has several years of experience working with various communities in the field of media, education, and local government. Ryan Stopera and Adja Gildersleve are documentarians driven by creating social change with their communities by lifting up stories challenging false dominant narratives.