March 15, 2018
Renters Rights are Human Rights
Renters Rights are Human Rights

Renters Rights are Human Rights is a collaboration between the Minneapolis Renters Coalition, Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association, and Artist Cori Lin. This series of murals and portraits will deepen community understanding around what it means to live as a cost-burdened renter by highlighting the narratives and experiences of those spending more than 30% of their income on rent. The project will include four portraits of cost-burdened renters across Greater Powderhorn and four infographics that reflect this reality, which will be temporarily be installed in businesses and community sites across Greater Powderhorn, before becoming part of a large-scale, permanent mural in the neighborhood. The impact of both will inspire positive community action.

About the artists:

Cori Lin’s personal mission is to use her artistic abilities to amplify voices not often heard. She achieves this by capturing and interpreting the nature of these voices through visual artistry for equity-focused organizations, community groups, and individuals from marginalized communities. Her artistic experience has one foot grounded in the visual arts and one foot rooted in community-centered work. Tori Hong is a queer, non-binary, 2nd generation Hmong and Korean American visual artist based in Minneapolis. Throughout their work, they weave their experiences with and knowledge of personal and intergenerational healing in order to create healthier, more powerful communities. They also have two cats. Nancy Musinguzi is a first-generation queer visual storyteller, mixed-media artist and freelance photojournalist working and living in Minneapolis. She experiments with both traditional and emerging processes in media-making to create visual "living" histories of underrepresented voices and perspectives in culture that chronicle and influence the contemporary American experience.