Over the past several months, CURA has completed research projects lead by CURA Director Dr. Edward Goetz and Senior Research Associate Dr. Brittany Lewis. Each project is related to affordable housing. An excerpt from “Seeking Closure: The Lowry Grove Report” by Dr. Goetz starts the roundup, followed by three projects lead by Dr. Lewis, “The Brooklyn Center Housing Report,” “Searching for Stability,” and finally “The Brooklyn Park Housing Project.”

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Seeking Closure…

CURA Researcher Rashad Williams presenting on mobile
home owners and displacement at UAA

CURA researchers and research projects were well represented at the recent Urban Affairs Association (UAA) conference in Los Angeles, April 24-27, 2019. In addition to the sessions below, Dr. Brittany Lewis was asked to participate on an activist scholarship panel by Professor Lisa Bates from Portland State University.

Sessions presented by CURA researchers:

  • Gentrification and concentrated poverty by Professor Edward G Goetz, Anthony Damiano, Dr. Brittany Lewis, and Molly Calhoun
  • Typologies of Fear in…

In June 2016, the long-time owner of the Lowry Grove manufactured home park in St. Anthony, MN, sold the park to a private developer. Lowry Grove was home to 95 lower-income households, elders living on fixed incomes, and younger immigrant families. Residents fought to keep the park open, but they were displaced in June 2017. CURA worked with resident organizers to design a study that would assess the impacts of the park closure and relocation on the residents, and examine the events that led to the closure of the park. CURA researchers conducted in-depth interviews with more than 50 households, activists, and professionals.