October 14, 2022

CURA's Community Geographic Information Systems (CGIS) program and the Resilient Communities Project (RCP) are partnering with the Institute for Advanced Study, U-Spatial, University of Minnesota Libraries, and DASH to present this year's “Thinking Spatially Symposium: Indigenous Mapping.” Former CURA CGIS Graduate Research Assistant Kyle Malone is…

March 28, 2022

The Hennepin-University Partnership (HUP) graduate assistants will work with the Program Director on a variety of tasks related to the mission of HUP. HUP represents an innovative model of collaboration between local government and academia. The goal of HUP is to produce shared value for both the University of Minnesota and Hennepin County around areas of mutual interest. This is achieved through the promotion of joint community-based research, the sharing of academic and practitioner expertise, and providing students with real-world experience. HUP does not actively conduct research, but we catalyze, support, evaluate, and communicate collaborative…

March 28, 2022

Hennepin County’s Climate Action Plan and the University of Minnesota’s focus on sustainability demonstrates an increasing commitment to prepare for the effects of climate change. This event will bring together a panel of University and County experts to explore how transportation investments at the local and regional level can best be leveraged to support climate action goals while reducing disparities, improving health, enhancing livability, and providing opportunities for high quality employment.

Where: Zoom

February 22, 2022

Last Friday, St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter announced the formation of a 41-Member Rent Stabilization Stakeholder Group. The Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) has been selected to convene this group with CURA Director Edward Goetz and CURA Director of Community Based Research C Terrence Anderson acting as lead facilitators. The group will meet February through May to consider improvements and enhancements to rent stabilization in St. Paul. A final report will be completed by this summer. The rent stabilization ballot measure was approved by voters 53% to 47% in the election last November.