October 06, 2022

Over the past several months, CURA has completed research projects lead by CURA Director Dr. Edward Goetz and Senior Research Associate Dr. Brittany Lewis. Each project is related to affordable housing. An excerpt from “Seeking Closure: The Lowry Grove Report” by Dr. Goetz starts the roundup, followed by three projects lead by Dr. Lewis, “The Brooklyn Center Housing Report,” “Searching for Stability,” and finally “The Brooklyn Park Housing Project.”

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Seeking Closure…

January 18, 2022

Contributing Authors: Dr. Shana Riddick, Arundhathi Pattathil, Keelia Silvis, Peter Schuetz, Yue Zhang, Justin Baker

Project Funders: Brooklyn Park Economic Development Authority, City of Brooklyn Park; Hennepin County; and State of Minnesota, Minnesota Housing Finance Agency.

In July of 2016, the Minneapolis Innovation Team, in partnership with HOME Line, published a report on Evictions in Minneapolis, which was inspired by Matthew Desmond’s book Evicted. The Innovation Team’s report found that 50% of tenants in the 55411 & 55412 zip codes were evicted…

March 15, 2021

Artist: Geno Okok with the City of Brooklyn Park and Waterside Market

This project will address the issue of social exclusivity and lack of attention to diversity within the city of Brooklyn Park. With 54% of its residents being BIPOC and 30% being immigrants, Brooklyn Park is one of the most diverse cities within the State. However, these communities are not part of the focal point of the city, and are often not recognized by City officials or in the city as being an intricate part of the community. We will create a large scale public mural that promotes social inclusivity of immigrant residents by highlighting the various cultures and diversity that…