October 06, 2020

updated December 15, 2020

A team of University of Minnesota graduate students and Resilient Communities Project (RCP) Fellows was a finalist for this year’s MetroLab Student Cup. The Student Cup is intended to recognize exceptional student civic research projects, and create pathways for careers and partnerships in the civic research and innovation domain. The competition was sponsored by the MetroLab Network, an international collaborative of cities, counties, and universities focused on…

June 11, 2020

We are again sharing a statement from CURA Director Ed Goetz on the murder of George Floyd at the top of this message. The fundamental issues of justice that Mr. Floyd’s murder surfaces for our community and for the entire nation dominate our conversations about what is next for CURA. 

Following that statement, we share a message about CURA’s work in a COVID-19 world.

Statement from the Director of CURA

Our community witnesses again the violence of police brutality ending in the death of a Black man. It is well past the time for people in power, those who can impose change on a police department with a…

March 24, 2020

Communities across Minnesota are constantly evolving and adapting in response to their unique challenges and opportunities. The Resilient Communities Project (RCP) is a highly successful, cross-disciplinary program that builds local capacity around sustainability and resilience issues.

Through one-year partnerships with specific communities in the Twin Cities and other metropolitan areas in Minnesota, the program provides community support across a range of academic disciplines, including design, planning, engineering, business, environmental sciences, and the humanities. In addition, the program offers students real-world opportunities…

July 30, 2019

This year, the Resilient Communities Project introduced a new Small-Scale RCP Partnership option, designed for communities that want to collaborate with University of Minnesota faculty and students on 1–5 projects. Below are some of the projects that will be under way this year with our partner communities—Scott County, St. Anthony Village, Ramsey, Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA), and League of Minnesota Cities

Do you have a project idea that could benefit from research or technical assistance? It's not too late to …