Who Can Live in My Apartment? was created by CURA staff in close collaboration with community organizers at Corcoran Neighborhood OrganizationLyndale Neighborhood Association and Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association who are working with renters in their communities.

The flier aims to make City of Minneapolis ordinance that governs rental housing occupancy standards—which sits in both the Zoning code and the Maintenance code—easier to understand. Concerns of over occupancy are often raised as a concern during the City’s housing inspections process or when there is a dispute between the landlord and renter. Community organizers observed that often these landlord-renter disputes are not directly related to occupancy, but on issues of repairs, unpaid rent or housing court action. This tool seeks to increase understanding of current City policy and support the rights of Minneapolis renters who are most impacted by occupancy standards. The flier has been translated into Spanish and here is a link.

Download a PDF version of the Who Can Live in My Apartment? flyer.

Who Can Live in My Apartment? 1
Who Can Live in My Apartment? 2