March 04, 2020
CAAl Post Image

Coalition of Asian American Leaders (or CAAL) has proactively led a campaign urging our government and private institutions to collect and use disaggregated data that more accurately reflects Asian American experiences. This way, solutions crafted to achieve equitable social, economic, and health outcomes will be more responsive and relevant.

This winter, CAAL staff, designer Khou Vue, and CURA worked together to create a visual snapshot of The Factors Impacting the Economic Wellbeing of Asian Minnesotans. The infographics in this brochure-poster are selected from a CURA Kris Nelson Community-Based Research project led by CAAL with UMN Graduate Research Assistant Leoma Van Dort.

CAAL and CURA believe that having richer and more nuanced data will lead to a more comprehensive understanding of different Asian communities that will accelerate the work of advancing equity for all Asian Minnesotans.

The poster-brochure is designed to be printed front-back on 18"x24" paper and folded. 

Here are links:

The Factors Impacting the Economic Wellbeing of Asian Minnesotans