Dr. Brittany Lewis 2019

Dr. Brittany Lewis, CURA’s senior research associate, has been named a 2021 Community-Engaged Scholar. Dr. Lewis directs CURA’s large-scale community-based action research agenda advancing interdisciplinary public scholarship in urban studies, African American studies, gender studies, and public policy while maintaining her role as a community activist and thought leader.

The President’s Community-Engaged Scholar systemwide award program recognizes up to ten scholars—faculty or professional academic or administrative employees (P&A)—each year for exemplary community-engaged scholarship in their respective field(s) of inquiry. From a competitive pool of Community-Engaged Scholar Award winners, one scholar is selected to receive the President’s Community-Engaged Scholar Award, the highest recognition for community-engaged scholarship at the University of Minnesota. Read more about the other recipients of the Community-Engaged Scholar Award.


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