March 15, 2017

In partnership with Redeemer Center for Life, Harrison Neighborhood Association, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, Intertwine Northeast, Gerard Klass

H-Cubed: Harrison, Healing, and Harmony
H-Cubed: Harrison, Healing, and Harmony

H-Cubed is an artist-led, community-driven, family-centered, grassroots organized series created with the purpose of cultivating healing and harmony in the North Minneapolis Harrison neighborhood through intentional creative space-making. H-Cubed grew as a community resource in response to the police killing of Jamar Clark and 4th Precinct occupation just north of Harrison.

Each month, we host a catered meal with featured artists, open mic, and community conversations at Harrison and North Minneapolis locations. Each event has a thematic topic, chosen by the collaborative team, around with performance and conversation will be centered to create an inclusive environment where intergenerational, authentic dialogue can occur. Together, we are developing a courageous and compassionate community our hearts long for.

About the artist team: 

Our team brings together a broad range of genres and talents, with a strong through-line of arts engagement and teaching-artist/mentor experience. 

*It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we acknowledge the passing of Kirk Washington. He was the very first featured performing artist at H-Cubed's premier event and his presence left a lasting impact. He was a prominent leader committed to the arts and his community as a 5th generation Northsider, countering inequities and injustices through cultivating healing and harmony in the Harrison neighborhood-- which is exactly what H-cubed is all about. We work to honor his legacy at The Living Room, catalyzing transformative dialogue and collective action.