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CURA Staff Directory

Name Title Phone
Rae Baker Program Coordinator, MN Prison Doula Project (612) 625-1729
William Craig
Associate Director Emeritus, CURA
Program Director Emeritus, Community Assistantship Program (CAP)
(612) 625-3321
Kathie Doty Director, Hennepin-University Partnership (HUP) (612) 625-4383
Thomas Fisher Co-Director, University Metropolitan Consortium (UMC) (612) 626-9068
Erica Gerrity Program Director, MN Prison Doula Project (612) 625-1130
Edward Goetz
Director, CURA
Co-Director, University Metropolitan Consortium
Director, CURA Housing Forum
(612) 624-8737
Mike Greco Director, Resilient Communities Project (RCP) (612) 625-7501
Malik (Christopher) Holt-Shabazz Program Coordinator (612) 624-2300
Sandra Keith Assistant to the Director, CURA (612) 625-4318
Mary Kaye LaPointe Assistant to Esther Wattenberg (612) 625-6550
Dr. Brittany Lewis Research Associate (612) 624-3412
Jeff Matson Coordinator, Community GIS (CGIS) program (612) 625-0081
Neeraj Mehta Director of Community-Based Research (612) 624-8988
Jonathan Miller
Communications Coordinator
Editor, CURA Reporter
(612) 625-9040
Ned Moore Program Director (612) 625-5805
Kristen Murray Program Developer (612) 625-7560
Thomas Scott Director Emeritus, CURA (612) 625-1551
Rebecca Shlafer Research Director, MN Prison Doula Project (612) 625-9907
Esther Wattenberg Policy and Program Coordinator in Family and Child Welfare (612) 625-6550 (Mary Kaye LaPointe)