March 15, 2017

The Monkeybear Collective is creating six short puppet shows to be performed in public spaces across all the wards of Minneapolis and St. Paul in fall of 2017, as a voter drive heading into the municipal elections. Each show fits inside a suitcase, making our shows extremely mobile. The ease of carrying a suitcase will give them the flexibility to perform wherever, whenever. As people gather around the performances, they’ll be handing out magnets people can put on their fridge with a web address for finding out their ward/precinct and also fliers with info/map about wards/elections, as well as voter registration forms that people can fill out on the spot. The Monkeybear Collective realizes that voting in local elections is only one of many strategies to bring about change, but it’s a simple act that can have far reaching consequences on local policies that affect communities of color and Indigenous communities.

About the artists:

The Monkeybear Collective is a loose group of POC/Indigenous artists from different disciplines who are exploring puppetry’s powerful visual storytelling form.