March 15, 2017

Spearwave is a monthly intimate exhibition and gathering space for conversations about art that explores Somali Muslim American identity within the supportive environment of the Mosque and other relevant community settings. As a gesture, Spearwave fosters interconnectedness, allowing participating artists fresh opportunities to experiment and blossom. Many community members have never been in a museum or do not see contemporary art as being able to express and help them navigate their experience in the world, but we believe through approaching Somali people with art shown and discussed inside their community spaces of Mosque, Somali businesses and shared public neighborhood spaces, Somali diaspora experiences can be expressed and communicated and an understanding of the power of contemporary art as a cultural expression can grow, helping to bring in a new generation of Somali American artists.

This project targets specifically the Somali-American community of the West Bank in Minneapolis. Spearwave will benefit both the Somali immigrant and the Somali-American communities as they navigate the diaspora of culture of two homelands and create artwork about and discuss the artwork of members of their community who also navigate the world as African, African-American and Muslim.

About the artists:  

Mohamud Mumin has devoted much of his time to documenting the social life of Somalis in North America, and has photographed in both Dar Al-Hijrah/Islamic Civic Society of America and Masjid Imamu Shaafici Islamic Center for over four years. Kaamil Haider has volunteered for Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque/Islamic Civic Society of America for over nine years, where he is a volunteer, youth leader, mentor, graphic designer and educator.