1. Changes in Grant period

  • The award funds are made available annually for the period of July 1st – June 30th, however, awardees have the authority to incur costs prior to the start date of July 1 to coincide with the beginning of Summer appointment terms, if needed. 
  • The end date of June 30 may be changed as a result of approval of a request for a no-cost extension. Extensions of up to 12 months can be requested. Extension may not be exercised merely for the purpose of using the unliquidated remaining balances. Funds remaining at the end of the project period will revert to CURA.

A request for a no-cost extension (NCE) should be submitted at least one month prior to the end of the current grant period. The extension request should include:

  • a brief report outlining progress made towards achieving the originally proposed project goals;
  • the reason why the extension is being requested and the length of the extension period;
  • an estimate of the unobligated funds remaining and a plan for their use. If there is a change in how the original budget is being used, please include the justification for the change;
  • an updated work plan demonstrating how the originally proposed scope is going to be completed during the NCE period.

2. Changes in Scope of Work (SOW) or Objectives

  • Prior approval is required for significant changes in SOW or objectives. A letter explaining the reason why significant changes are needed and how these changes will help to reach the project goals is necessary. A revised budget aligned with the changes in scope should be provided.
  • Should changes in your research project plan make it clear that you will not use all funds awarded, please notify our office as soon as possible. 

3. Changes in budget

  • Re-budget of funds is allowable as long as there is no change in SOW or objectives. 

Please submit your requests or questions to firp@umn.edu.