Urban Farm and Garden Alliance Interview

Where can you find plants, neighbors, a passion for racial equity and #CURAStudents all in one place? In Saint Paul, inside the beautiful, humble, and diverse local gardens of the Urban Farm and Garden Alliance. CURA is many things–for the next couple weeks, we are highlighting how #CURAisUrbanAg

CURA spoke to Diane, Melvin and Megan (leaders in the Alliance) and they explained (in the midst of one of their beautiful local gardens) the true goal of their organization. Listen to the audio of their discussion with #CURAstudent Dave Sukharan above.

The Peace Garden and its companions provide fresh, healthy and affordable produce to the neighborhood, however, they also create the “New Normal.” Diane, Melvin and Megan were born into the age where racism was rampant and commonplace. The gardens are 1) resurrecting the community practice of growing food and 2) changing that social norm to the “New Normal” of racial equity. By showing that labor and getting your hands dirty is a badge of honor, regardless of race, they work everyday to grow not only delicious greens, but the neighborhoods themselves. #CURAConnects the community members with students or researchers so that their impact can be studied, quantified and appreciated. Have we ignited your #CURAiosity? Follow us for more information on the UFGA’s work.

The UFGA has their own Facebook Page. Look at their beautiful gardens in the neighborhood. https://www.facebook.com/gardenalliance

Past CURA projects with the UFGA have yielded fruitful (#badpuns) results.

Audio from the Urban Farm and Garden Alliance Interview

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