June 16, 2021
Dr. Anthony Damiano

Congratulations to Dr. Anthony Damiano on earning his PhD from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. As a graduate student and PhD candidate, Dr. Damiano has been a valuable part of CURA’s team, working on research projects covering gentrification, racially concentrated areas of affluence, and rent stabilization, among other topics.

Here is an overview of his dissertation presentation Urban Development and Change in an Age of Inequality:

  1. The extent to which U.S. metro areas have “inverted” (a situation in which the central city neighborhoods are higher status than suburban areas), and finds that more than half of the largest 100 metro areas in the U.S. are inverting, or already have inverted.
  2. The growth in inequality between neighborhoods in U.S. metro areas is driven primarily by increased inequality at the high end, i,e., high status neighborhoods separating themselves from the rest.
  3. The impact of new housing development on existing rents is to drive down rents at the top of the market and drive up rents at the bottom.