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"Assembly and Uses of a Data-Sharing Network in Minneapolis." Chapter in _Putting Data to Work: Data-Driven Approaches to Strengthening Neighborhoods._ Publication
American Indian Housing Report: Phillips Community. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring 2004 Issue. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring/Summer 2009 Issue. Publication
Develop and Analyzing the Neighborhood Early Warning System in Hamline-Midway. Publication
Developing an Early Warning System for an Eight-Block Area of Minneapolis' Phillips Neighborhood: Methodology, Results, and Implications for Future Studies. Publication
Discerning Where They Are: Understanding Current Housing Trends and Related Internal Processes of Six Minneapolis Neighborhood Organizations. Publication
Fiscal Impacts of the St. Paul Houses to Homes Program. Publication
Health Care for Houses: Suggestions to Help Market Boarded and Vacant Houses for Rehabilitation in Central Neighborhood. Publication
Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System: A Community, University, and City Collaboration. Publication
Minnesota's Housing: Shaping Community in the 1990s. Fourth in the series, What the 1990 Census Says About Minnesota. Publication
Neighborhood Responses to the Foreclosure Crisis. Publication
North End Rental Census. Publication
Predicting Housing Abandonment in Minneapolis' Central Neighborhood: Creating an Early Warning System. Publication
Vacant Housing in the Context of a City Neighborhood: The West Side, St. Paul, Minnesota. Publication
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