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Plastic Recycling in the St. Paul Student Center: Terrace Cafe. Publication
Photovoltaic Systems. Publication
Increasing Participation in the Chemical Recycling Program. Publication
Recycling Polypropylene Syringe Packaging: Opportunities for the University of Minnesota. Publication
Deicing Agents. Publication
Water Conservation Technology (Indoor Use). Publication
Occupancy Sensor Lights. Publication
University Office Paper Consumption. Publication
Reducing the Occupational Health Hazards for Professional Artists: A Case Study of the University of Minnesota's Art Department. Publication
Improving Fluorescent Lamp Collection System at the University of Minnesota. Publication
Methyl Anthranilate Tested Under Field Conditions as an Avian Taste Deterrent. Publication
Food Recycling. Publication
Water Conservation Practices at the U (Irrigation Technologies). Publication
Recycling Possibilities for the University of Minnesota (Scrap Metal from Remodeling Projects). Publication
Waste Water Treatment at the University of Minnesota. Publication
Cleaning Products Used by the University of Minnesota Dormitories. Publication
Waste Reduction of Salt, Pepper, Sugar, and Cream Containers in Centennial Food Service. Publication
Get Recharged at the U (Rechargeable Batteries). Publication
Improving the Quality of Recyclable Office Paper via E-Mail Communication. Publication
Recycling Street Sweepings: An Analysis of the Possibilities for the University of Minnesota. Publication
Reusable Toner Cartridges. Publication
Integrated Pest Management. Publication
Interactive Communication?: + or - (E-mail Use and Paper Consumption). Publication
Recycling Plastic at the University. Publication
Stormwater Pesticide Runoff Study. Publication
Feasibility Study of Recycling Copper Telephone Wire. Publication
Economic and Ecological Impacts of Using Reusable Mugs. Publication
Recycling of Scientific Lab Catalogs. Publication
Gray Water Reuse: University of Minnesota and Metro Waste Management. Publication
Collection of Mercury Thermostats at the University of Minnesota. Publication
Proposed Watering Policy for the University of Minnesota. Publication
Animal Waste Composting Facility: University of Minnesota. Publication
Why Does the U Use So Much Paper Anyway? Publication
Alternative Fuel Source (Alternative Fuel Vehicles). Publication
Feasibility of Donating Reusable Construction Materials to Project for Pride in Living from University of Minnesota. Publication
Single Occupancy Vehicles. Publication
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