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A Consumption Base Theory of Development: An Application to the Rural Cultural Economy. Publication
Agricultural Changes and the Depopulation of Nonmetropolitan Minnesota. Publication
Are Good Jobs Disappearing in Minnesota? Publication
Around the Riverbend: Rurbania. Publication
Challenge in the Countryside. Publication
Changing Landownership and Land Use: Rural Landowners and the Exurbanization of the Rochester, Minnesota, SMSA. Publication
Community Assistantship Program: Connecting the University with Greater Minnesota. Publication
Competitive Tension in Delivering Social Services and Programs: The Role of CAPs in Rural Minnesota. Publication
Competitive Tension in Delivering Social Services and Programs: The Role of CAPs in Rural Minnesota. Publication
CURA Reporter. January 1999 Issue. Publication
CURA Reporter. September 2000 Issue. Publication
CURA Reporter. Summer 2003 Issue. Publication
Decline of the Frontier: Change Agents and Citizen Intervention in Land Use Decision Making. Publication
Do Highway Funds Spur Economic Development? Publication
Educating for Rural Economic Development: A Minnesota Application of the Land Grant Model. Final Report for the Bush Foundation Grant. Publication
Environmental Renovation Project: Lanesboro, Minnesota. Publication
Federal Cutbacks and Working AFDC Recipients: A Preliminary Impact Analysis in Rural Minnesota. Publication
From Soybeans to Split-levels: Ex-urbanites in Wright and Olmsted Counties. Publication
GrandNet: A Community Electronic Network in Rural Minnesota. Publication
Income and Poverty in Minnesota. Publication
Income and Poverty. First in the series, What the 1990 Census Says About Minnesota. Publication
Initiatives: Linking Sustainable Agricultural and Natural Resources Opportunities in Southeast Minnesota with the University of Minnesota. Publication
Inventory of Public Policy Research Related to Greater Minnesota: Results of a Survey of University of Minnesota Faculty. Publication
Is the Twin Cities 'Permanent Rural' Area Truly Permanent?: A Case Study on the Rural-Urban Edge. Publication
Land Market Beyond the Urban Fringe. Publication
Loans to Business to Encourage Rural Economic Development. Publication
Minnesota's Economic Recovery Fund: Positive Results, Room for Improvement. Publication
New Homes in the Countryside: Prime Farmland for Residential Development? Publication
Older Minnesotans: What Do They Need? How Do They Contribute? Publication
Opportunities of Regionalism. Publication
Ortonville-Big Stone Future Study: Scientific Report. Publication
Population Crisis in Rural Minnesota. Publication
Preserving Metro Area Farmland: A Survey and Perspective. Publication
Quality of Life and a Sense of Place in Southeast Minnesota. Publication
Quality of Place in Rural Minnesota. Publication
Report to the Public on the Ortonville-Big Stone Futures Study. Publication
Response: Protecting Agriculture vs. Preserving Prime Farmland. Publication
Results of a 1975 Survey of Minnesota Deer Hunters and Rural Landowners Concerning the Deer Hunting Season. Publication
Retail Sales Trends in Minnesota. Publication
Rural Community Viability--An Overview. Publication
Seasonal Migration of Elderly: Minnesota Snowbirds. Publication
Selective Review of Documents Related to Sustainable Development in Southeast Minnesota. Publication
Sellers and Nonsellers of Land for New Rural Housing. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region I. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region II. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region III. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region IV. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region IX. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region V. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region VI-E. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region VI-W. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region VII-E. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region VII-W. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region VIII. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region X. Publication
Tax Incentives and Public Loans and Subsidies: What Difference Do They Make in Nonmetropolitan Economic Development? Publication
University Students as Community Partners. Publication
West Central Minnesota Telecommunications Report. Publication
Working and On AFDC: The Impact of Recent Federal Cutbacks Publication
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