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Welfare Reform: Real Possibilities of Empty Promises. Publication
We Must Be Organized: Dual Organizations in an American Hmong Community. Publication
Southeast Asian Resident Study. Publication
Southeast Asian Refugee Youth: An Annotated Bibliography. Publication
Southeast Asian Refugee Studies/Refugee Studies Center Archival Collection. Publication
Somali Families and Parent Involvement in Schools. Publication
Rochester in Support of Everyone Focus Group Summaries and List of Resources. Publication
Report on Assessment of Needs for Interpretive/Services. Publication
Report of a Longitudinal Study of the Vocational Acculturation of Hmong Adolescents: Preliminary First-Wave Findings. Preliminary draft. Publication
Refugees and Researchers. Publication
Refugee Youth in the Twin Cities: Aspirations of the Hmong, Khmer, Lao, and Vietnamese. Publication
Putting Affordable Housing on the Front Burner in Rochester and Olmsted County. Publication
Project Update: Mutual Adaptation between Karen Refugees and a Rural Minnesota Community. Publication
Professional Training for Community Interpreters: A Report on Models of Interpreter Training and the Value of Training. Publication
Problem of Metaphorical Nonequivalence in Cross-Cultural Survey Research: Comparing the Mental Health Statuses of Hmong Refugee and General Population Adolescents. Preliminary draft. Publication
Poverty, Ethnicity and Youth Adjustment: A Comparison of Poor Hmong and Non-Hmong Adolescents. Preliminary draft. Publication
Older Generation of Southeast Asian Refugees: An Annotated Bibliography. Publication
Mental Health, Achievement, and Adjustment: A Study of Hmong Adolescents. Preliminary draft. Publication
Indochinese Refugee Settlement Patterns in Minnesota. Publication
Immigration in Minnesota. Challenges and Opportunities. Publication
How Many Liberians Live in Northwest Hennepin? Publication
Hmong: An Annotated Bibliography, 1983-1987. Publication
Hmong in the West: Observations and Reports. Publication
Educational Achievement of the St. Paul Hmong. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring 2005 Issue. Publication
CURA Reporter Spring 2012 Publication
Bibliography: Nursing Research and Practice with Refugees. Publication
Annotated Bibliography on Refugee Mental Health. Publication
Annotated Bibliography of Cambodia and Cambodian Refugees. Publication
An Evaluation of Lifetrack Services to Karen in a Second Wave of Migration to Worthington, Minnesota: Nine Rays of Light Reach the Star of the North. Publication
Africans in Minnesota: A Status Report. Publication
African Nonprofits: A Report of Financially Active African-led Nonprofit Organizations in Minnesota Serving African Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylees. Publication
A Rural Community’s Response to its Changing Demography: Welcome to Worthington. Publication
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