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A Rural Community’s Response to its Changing Demography: Welcome to Worthington. Publication
African Nonprofits: A Report of Financially Active African-led Nonprofit Organizations in Minnesota Serving African Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylees. Publication
Africans in Minnesota: A Status Report. Publication
An Evaluation of Lifetrack Services to Karen in a Second Wave of Migration to Worthington, Minnesota: Nine Rays of Light Reach the Star of the North. Publication
Annotated Bibliography of Cambodia and Cambodian Refugees. Publication
Annotated Bibliography on Refugee Mental Health. Publication
Bibliography: Nursing Research and Practice with Refugees. Publication
CURA Reporter Spring 2012 Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring 2005 Issue. Publication
Educational Achievement of the St. Paul Hmong. Publication
Hmong in the West: Observations and Reports. Publication
Hmong: An Annotated Bibliography, 1983-1987. Publication
How Many Liberians Live in Northwest Hennepin? Publication
Immigration in Minnesota. Challenges and Opportunities. Publication
Indochinese Refugee Settlement Patterns in Minnesota. Publication
Mental Health, Achievement, and Adjustment: A Study of Hmong Adolescents. Preliminary draft. Publication
Older Generation of Southeast Asian Refugees: An Annotated Bibliography. Publication
Poverty, Ethnicity and Youth Adjustment: A Comparison of Poor Hmong and Non-Hmong Adolescents. Preliminary draft. Publication
Problem of Metaphorical Nonequivalence in Cross-Cultural Survey Research: Comparing the Mental Health Statuses of Hmong Refugee and General Population Adolescents. Preliminary draft. Publication
Professional Training for Community Interpreters: A Report on Models of Interpreter Training and the Value of Training. Publication
Project Update: Mutual Adaptation between Karen Refugees and a Rural Minnesota Community. Publication
Putting Affordable Housing on the Front Burner in Rochester and Olmsted County. Publication
Refugee Youth in the Twin Cities: Aspirations of the Hmong, Khmer, Lao, and Vietnamese. Publication
Refugees and Researchers. Publication
Report of a Longitudinal Study of the Vocational Acculturation of Hmong Adolescents: Preliminary First-Wave Findings. Preliminary draft. Publication
Report on Assessment of Needs for Interpretive/Services. Publication
Rochester in Support of Everyone Focus Group Summaries and List of Resources. Publication
Somali Families and Parent Involvement in Schools. Publication
Southeast Asian Refugee Studies/Refugee Studies Center Archival Collection. Publication
Southeast Asian Refugee Youth: An Annotated Bibliography. Publication
Southeast Asian Resident Study. Publication
We Must Be Organized: Dual Organizations in an American Hmong Community. Publication
Welfare Reform: Real Possibilities of Empty Promises. Publication
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