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1970 American Anthropological Association. Cultural Futurology. Publication
1987 Minnesota New Firms Study: An Exploration of New Firms and Their Economic Contributions. Publication
A Guide to Local Food System Planning for Scott County, Minnesota. Publication
Agricultural Preservation Precedent Studies Publication
Around the Riverbend: Rurbania. Publication
Assessment of Local Governments' Capacity to Conserve Open Space and Natural Areas in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Carver County Baby Boomer Readiness Assessment Tools. Publication
Central Avenue Parking Study: Collaboration and CPTED in Practice. Publication
City of Forest Lake Sustainability Action Plan. Publication
City of Montrose Highway 12 Redevelopment Plan - Exhibit I: Design Standards Publication
City of Prior Lake Sustainability Implementation Plan. Publication
Communities by Design: A Process for Building a Sustainable Future. Publication
Community Participation and Geographical Information Systems. Publication
Contaminated Sites Strategic Plan: City of Minneapolis. Publication
Courses and Programs in the Environment, Urban Problems, and Planning, 1974-76. Publication
Courses in Survey Research, University of Minnesota 1988-89. Publication
Courses in Survey Research, University of Minnesota 1989-90. Publication
Courses in Survey Research, University of Minnesota 1990-1991. Publication
Courses in Survey Research, University of Minnesota 1991-1992. Publication
Courses in Survey Research, University of Minnesota 1992-1993. Publication
Courses in Survey Research, University of Minnesota 1993-1994. Publication
Courses in Survey Research, University of Minnesota 1994-1995. Publication
Courses Relating to Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Minnesota. Publication
CURA Adds Survey Research Center. Publication
CURA Reporter Fall/Winter 2011 Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall/Winter 2008 Issue. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2007 Issue. Publication
Dayton Mississippi River Trail. Publication
Discussion Paper for a Conference on Strengthening State and Metropolitan Problem Solving Capabilities. Publication
District 7 Then and Now: A Summary of Existing Planning Documents Publication
Economic Health Through Community-Based Development. Publication
Economics of New Firms: Policy Implications for Minnesota. Publication
Educational Needs of Dislocated Workers in Minnesota. Publication
Eureka Township Envisioning Task Force Report: Exploring the Possibilities. Publication
Eureka Township Envisioning Task Force Report: Summary Report. Publication
Evaluating International Business Development: Lessons for Minnesota. Publication
Expert Advice: Can Computers Help Government Find and Use It? Publication
Exploring Collaborative Opportunities in Natural Resource Planning and Conservation. Publication
Extraboard-Driver Workforce Planning for Bus Transit Operations Publication
Financing Performing Arts in the Twin Cities. Publication
Framework for Measuring Sustainable Regional Development for the Twin Cities Region. Final Report. Publication
GIS Based Wetland Assessment Methodology for Urban Watershed Planning. Publication
Government Support for Child Care. Publication
Greenhouse Effect: Policy Implications of a Global Warming. Publication
Harrison Neighborhood Needs Assessment, A Community-Based Project for Neighborhood Improvement Planning. Publication
Hassan Area Historic Preservation. Publication
Hassan Open Space Preserves. Publication
How and Why Community Groups Use Maps and Geographic Information. Publication
How and Why Community Groups Use Maps and Geographic Information. Publication
Information Chain in Our Community: Assessing Its Performance. Publication
Inside the Minnesota Experiment: A Personal Recollection of Experimental Planning and Development in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Internships by the Group. Publication
Juxtaposition Master Plan. Publication
Lent Township Rural Transit Center. Publication
Louisville Township Community Trails Plan and Development Project. Publication
LRT, Development and Neighborhood Planning: A Summary of Planning Efforts along the Future Hiawatha LRT Line Publication
Managed Growth. Proceedings From Five Community Workshops on the Issue of Managed Growth for the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Mapping Demographic Trends for School Enrollment Projection in the Independent School District 709 (Duluth, MN). Publication
Mapping Downtown Development in St. Paul: A New Geographic Information System for Understanding the Past. Publication
Mapping for Change: Using Geographic Information Systems for Community Development. Publication
Mayer Minnesota--A Rising Community: Downtown Design Guidelines. Publication
Method for Measuring Community Empowerment. Publication
Minneapolis Housing Authority Project. Publication
Minnesota 3-D: Bringing Planning and Community Data Together Online. Publication
Minnesota Land Management Information System Ten Years Later. Publication
Minnesota: 1985. Publication
Mississippi Corridor Neighborhood Coalition (MCNC) Environmental Inventory Report. Publication
Multi-Family Rental Housing Review Greater Longfellow 2005. Publication
Neighborhood Revitalization Seminar Series, Final Report. Publication
Neighborhoods and City Hall in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Publication
North Minneapolis Southeast Asian Initiative Project Evaluation. Publication
Ortonville-Big Stone Future Study: Scientific Report. Publication
Overcoming Fragmentary Analysis: An Integrative Approach to Policy Studies. Publication
Participatory Evaluation Training. Reference Manual and Workbook. Publication
Planning and Development in the Arrowhead Region. Publication
Planning for the Future of the Summit-University Neighborhood. Publication
Planning for Transit Oriented Development in the Twin Cities: A Baseline Study for Corridors of Opportunity. Publication
Planning, Inspections, and Environmental Health: PIE Operations Analysis. Publication
Policy Review of the Integration of Sustainable Design and Affordable Housing. Publication
Profiles of the Twin Cities Poor. Report/One. An Overview: The Twin Cities Poor and Their Problems. Publication
Public Policy Research Proposal for Minnesota Post-Secondary Education in the Next Twenty Years. Publication
Public Programs and the Role of the Regional Development Commission. Minnesota Development Region Two. Publication
Question of Balance: Managing Growth and the Environment. Publication
Reaney Feasibility Study. Publication
Recycling the Central City: The Development of a New Town-In Town. Publication
ReMix Project: Juxtaposition Arts Publication
Report to the Public on the Ortonville-Big Stone Futures Study. Publication
Reserving Farmland for Grasses and Trees: RIM Reserve Program. Publication
Saint Paul Community Development Agenda 1996-2001. Publication
Saint Paul District 10 Business Survey. Publication
Scott County Prime Farmland Mapping Project. Publication
SECIA - Environmental Inventory. Publication
Slipping By: How Postsecondary Options for Minnesota High School Students Were Legislated. Publication
Small Towns Can't Stop Growing. Publication
Sooner or Later... The Disappearance of Federally Subsidized Low Income Rental Housing in Minnesota. Publication
St. Paul Community Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Publication
State Evaluation of Foreign Sales Efforts. Publication
Sustainable Lakes Planning Workbook: A Lake Management Model. Publication
Technology, Planning and the State of Minnesota. Publication
The Fiscal Impact of Annexation on Laketown Township. Publication
The Future of Our Farmland: An Agricultural Inventory for Scott County, Minnesota. Publication
Visions of People, a Look at Imagination, Philosophies of the Land, and the Well-Being of People. Publication
West Broadway Gateway Project. Publication
West Central Minnesota: Becoming a Region? Publication
Woodland Cove Development Scenarios. Publication
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