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Improving Access to Care for Traumatized Children: Law Enforcement-Mental Health Collaborations for Child Witnesses to Violence. Publication
Assessment of the Impact on Mental Health Service Providers by Southeast Asian Refugees in Minnesota: A Survey of 50 Selected Mental Health Service Providers. Publication
Poverty, Ethnicity and Youth Adjustment: A Comparison of Poor Hmong and Non-Hmong Adolescents. Preliminary draft. Publication
Fragile Early Years: Assessing the Mental Health of Infants and Toddlers. A summary of proceedings of the symposium held September 30, 1999. Publication
Mental Health Needs of Children in Foster Care: A Case of Benign Neglect? Summary of a Forum on the Findings from a Cohort Study of Children in the Child Welfare System. Publication
CURA Reporter. Summer 2006 Issue. Publication
Mental Health, Achievement, and Adjustment: A Study of Hmong Adolescents. Preliminary draft. Publication
Problem of Metaphorical Nonequivalence in Cross-Cultural Survey Research: Comparing the Mental Health Statuses of Hmong Refugee and General Population Adolescents. Preliminary draft. Publication
Elder Network Mental Health and Aging Study. Publication
Report of a Longitudinal Study of the Vocational Acculturation of Hmong Adolescents: Preliminary First-Wave Findings. Preliminary draft. Publication
Minnesota Children with Special Health Needs Development and Behavior Clinics Evaluation II. Publication
Annotated Bibliography on Refugee Mental Health. Publication
Preliminary Development of a Study Protocol to Evaluate the Efficacy of Acupuncture Therapy for Treatment of Chronic Pain and Depression. Publication
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