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Catholic Charities Drop-In Center: User Profile. (Based on a Survey in the Twin Cities, May 1982). Publication
CDBG Workbook: Action Guide for Affordable Housing. Publication
Conditions Contributing to Chronic Homelessness: An Exploratory Study. Publication
CURA Reporter Spring 2012 Publication
CURA Reporter. April 1999 Issue. Publication
CURA Reporter. January 1999 Issue. Publication
Digital Inclusion and the Twin Cities Homeless Community. Publication
Ending Long-Term Homelessness: Housing Stability for Adults in a Scattered-Site Housing First Program. Publication
Estimating Mental Illness Among the Homeless: The Effects of Choice-Based Sampling. Publication
Family View of Mobility Among Low-Income Children. Publication
Formative Evaluation of 'Our House': Transitional Housing for Homeless Mentally Ill Women. Publication
Homeless in Hennepin County. Publication
Homeless School Children. Preliminary Report. Publication
Homeless Youth: A Needs Assessment for the LIFE HOUSE Project. Publication
Homelessness in Hennepin County: From the Clients' Perspectives. Publication
Ins and Outs of Homelessness: Exit Patterns and Predictions. Publication
Market Analysis of Goodwill Easter Seals Job Training Program. Publication
Minnesota Transitional Housing Program: Structuring a Study of its Effectiveness. A Report for the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless. Publication
Risk and Resilience Among Children Homeless in Minneapolis. Publication
Studies of Children Homeless in Minneapolis: 1989-1996. Publication
Tracking the Homeless. Publication
Why Homeless Individuals “Get Stuck”: A Closer Look at Shelter Use and Intervention Points in Hennepin County. Publication
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