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Women's Association of Hmong and Lao for the Future of Women and Girls. Publication
White Hmong Language Lessons. Publication
White Hmong Language Lessons Cassette Tapes. Publication
White Hmong Dialogues. Publication
White Hmong Dialogues Cassette Tape. Publication
We Must Be Organized: Dual Organizations in an American Hmong Community. Publication
Training Southeast Asian Women for Employment: Public Policies and Community Programs, 1975-1985. Publication
Training Refugee Women for Employment in Minnesota. Publication
Toward Hmong Self-Sufficiency: The Challenge of Economic Development for the Hmong. Publication
Southeast. Asian Youth and Parent Surveys about the Use of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Southeast Asian Resident Study. Publication
Southeast Asian Refugee Studies/Refugee Studies Center Archival Collection. Publication
Report of a Longitudinal Study of the Vocational Acculturation of Hmong Adolescents: Preliminary First-Wave Findings. Preliminary draft. Publication
ReMix Project: Juxtaposition Arts Publication
Refugees and Researchers. Publication
Refugee Youth in the Twin Cities: Aspirations of the Hmong, Khmer, Lao, and Vietnamese. Publication
Project Update: Bringing INFO-U to New Audiences. Publication
Professional Training for Community Interpreters: A Report on Models of Interpreter Training and the Value of Training. Publication
Problem of Metaphorical Nonequivalence in Cross-Cultural Survey Research: Comparing the Mental Health Statuses of Hmong Refugee and General Population Adolescents. Preliminary draft. Publication
Poverty, Ethnicity and Youth Adjustment: A Comparison of Poor Hmong and Non-Hmong Adolescents. Preliminary draft. Publication
Piecing It All Together: A Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of HOME Link. Publication
Phillips Neighborhood Lead Collaborative: Final Report. Publication
Phalen Corridor Initiative Report: Summary of Big Communities Meetings--March 1999. Publication
Outreach to Hmong Americans on the East Side of St. Paul. Publication
Our Changing Community: A Haven of Cultural Diversity. Publication
Older Generation of Southeast Asian Refugees: An Annotated Bibliography. Publication
North Minneapolis Southeast Asian Initiative Project Evaluation. Publication
New Languages in Minnesota. Publication
Models and Strategies for a Produce Distribution Plan. Publication
Minority Elders in Minnesota. Publication
Mental Health, Achievement, and Adjustment: A Study of Hmong Adolescents. Preliminary draft. Publication
Life of Shong Lue Yang: Hmong 'Mother of Writing' (Keeb Kwm Soob Lwj Yaj: Hmoob 'Niam Ntawv'). Publication
Indochinese Refugee Settlement Patterns in Minnesota. Publication
I Am a Shaman: A Hmong Life Story with Ethnographic Commentary. Publication
HomeLink Marketing and Media Campaign: To Increase Homeownership Rates for People of Color on the East Side of St. Paul. Publication
HomeLink Marketing and Media Campaign. Project Summary Report. Publication
HOMELink Hmong Program Evaluation. Publication
Hmong: An Annotated Bibliography, 1983-1987. Publication
Hmong-Americans in the Mainstream Newspapers of the Twin Cities. Publication
Hmong Youth in St. Paul's Public Schools. Publication
Hmong Textile Arts in the Schools: Hmong Textile Arts at Harding Senior High School. Publication
Hmong Resettlement. Publication
Hmong Resettlement Study, Volume II, Economic Development and Employment Project. Publication
Hmong Resettlement Study Site Report, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. Publication
Hmong Odyssey: A History and a Play. Project Report. Publication
Hmong in Transition. Publication
Hmong in the Workplace Publication
Hmong in the West: Observations and Reports. Publication
Hmong Families and Education: Partnership as Essential Link to Discovery. Publication
Hmong Community Development Program. Publication
Hmong and Their Neighbors. Publication
Harrison Neighborhood Association Anti-Racism Project Summary. Publication
HAP (Hmong American Partnership) Evaluation Status Report. Publication
Genuine Partnership in a Racially Transitioning Community. Publication
First Steps Curriculum and Job-Readiness Curriculum Outline. Publication
Exploring the Life Course: Transitions and Timing in a Hmong Cohort. Publication
Establishing the World: Hmong Shamans. Publication
Educational Achievement of the St. Paul Hmong. Publication
Early Marriage in a Hmong Cohort. Publication
Directory of Asian American Youth Programs in the Twin Cities. Publication
Directory of Asian American Community Organizations in the Twin Cities. Publication
CURA Research Reports on Underrepresented Groups. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2002 Issue. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring 2003 Issue. Publication
Bridging Social Capital: Responsive Listening Project. Publication
Bibliography of the Hmong (Miao). Publication
Bibliography of the Hmong (Miao), 2nd Edition. Publication
Asian American Youth in the Twin Cities: Overachievers or Delinquents? Publication
Achievements of First-Generation Hmong Youth: Findings from the Youth Development Study. Publication
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