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Brief History of CARAG. Publication
America's Northern Heartland. Publication
History of the Thomas-Dale Neighborhood, the Thomas Dale Block Club, and the Impact the Thomas-Dale Block Club Has Made in its Neighborhood. Publication
Comprehensive Parking Study of University and Raymond Avenues, St. Paul. Publication
Tales of Bottineau. Publication
New and Ongoing CURA Projects. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2004 Issue. Publication
Reflections on Traditional American Indian Ways. Publication
To Promote the General Welfare. Publication
CURA Retreat 1975 - Audiotape of Sessions Held at Spring Hill Conference Center. Publication
Changing How Minnesota History Is Told: A Program Evaluation for Historic Murphy's Landing. Publication
Retrospective Look at the Need for a Multipurpose Cadastre. Publication
Archaeological Excavation at the Fish Lake Dam Site: Year 2000. Publication
Digitization and Preservation of Milan's Film History. Publication
Immigrants and Radicals in Duluth: An Historical Investigation. Publication
Preliminary Investigation of Submerged Lands Management in Minnesota. Publication
Appleton Celebrating 125 years 1881-2006. Publication
Legacy of Minneapolis: Preservation Amid Change. Publication
Windows to the Past: A Bibliography of Minnesota County Atlases. Publication
Stevens Square-Loring Heights: A Community Defined. Publication
Hale-Page-Diamond Lake: A Neighborhood History for Today. Publication
Our Changing Community: A Haven of Cultural Diversity. Publication
Where Do We Go from Here? An Analysis of Trends in the Stevens Square-Loring Heights Neighborhood. Publication
Bibliography of Historical Resources for Northeast Minneapolis. Publication
CURA Summarizes First Two Action Years. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2002 Issue. Publication
Life of Shong Lue Yang: Hmong 'Mother of Writing' (Keeb Kwm Soob Lwj Yaj: Hmoob 'Niam Ntawv'). Publication
Sheridan Veterans Memorial. Publication
Update: CURA Programs 1983-85. Publication
Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System: A Community, University, and City Collaboration. Publication
Women and War. Publication
Minnesota K-12 Education: The Current Debate, The Present Condition. Publication
Where the Food Grows on Water: Continuance of Scientific Racism and Colonialism. Publication
American Metropolitan Revolution. Publication
To Promote the General Welfare. Publication
Dakota Women's March, The. Publication
Moving History 1 & 2. The Hollman Story and Breaking New Ground. Publication
Windows to the Past: Minnesota County Atlases. Publication
Los Latinos in el West Side de St. Paul [Latinos on the West Side of St. Paul] Publication
Minneapolis-St. Paul: People, Place, and Public Life. Publication
Black History Focus 1974-75. Publication
Aurora/St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation Seventeen Year Progress Report. Publication
Guide to Establishing a Historical Document Survey Project. Publication
View from Dayton's Bluff, The: Historical Analysis and Observations. Publication
CURA Reporter. September 2000 Issue. Publication
Hmong in the West: Observations and Reports. Publication
Envisioning the Arts Avenue: A Pedestrian Design and Lighting Study for the Sheridan Neighborhood. Publication
Update '79. Publication
Partnerships and Policy Implementation: Lessons from an Experiment in Ramsey County. Publication
Hmong Odyssey: A History and a Play. Project Report. Publication
Opportunities and Constraints for System Change: A Historical Perspective on the Community Employment Partnership. Publication
Update: CURA Programs 1981-83. Publication
Main Street Impact Project. Publication
IS/GIS Hardware/Software/Data Features and Capabilities: What's Done, What's On, What's Next? Publication
Information System for Fiscal Analysis (RAFT). Publication
Milan Preservation Project. Publication
Thin Sections: Retrofitting the Minneapolis Park and Parkway System. Publication
Regional Approach to Farmland Preservation: The Twin Cities Metropolitan Agricultural Preserves Act in a Geographical Perspective. Publication
Creating a National Heritage Area for the Coteau Region. Publication
Phillips Neighborhood: Information and Resource Directory. Publication
Geographic Patterns. Minnesota's Changing Agricultural Land. Publication
St. Anthony East: The History of a Community. Publication
Windom: Historical Perspectives. Publication
Many Faces of Mexico. Publication
Ecology and Geology of the Mississippi River Gorge. Publication
Manual For Preserving The Records Of Neighborhood Organizations. Publication
CURA Update 75/77. Publication
Students as Interns: The Partnership with the Phalen Corridor Initiative. Publication
Black Leadership: On the Dawn of the 21st Century. Publication
The Quarry: A Planning and Development History of the Northeast Minneapolis Retail Center. Publication
The University of Minnesota, 1945-2000. Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall 2006 Issue. Publication
Formal Education of Minnesota Indians: Historical Perspective Until 1934. Publication
Minnesota Energy Project, Minnesota: Historical Data on Fuels and Electricity. Publication
Historic Murphy's Landing Program Evaluation. Publication
Where We Live. The Residential Districts of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Publication
Land Use: Trends and Policies in the Upper Midwest. Publication
Secondary (9-12) Curriculum Project Final Report, A. Publication
Technical Report of the Minneapolis Historic and Architectural Resources Study. Publication
Mapping Downtown Development in St. Paul: A New Geographic Information System for Understanding the Past. Publication
Historical Assessment of Holland Community Housing. Publication
Villages of Steele County: Community Revival. Publication
Immigration in Minnesota. Challenges and Opportunities. Publication
NPCR Program Evaluation and Summary Project: Years One to Four (1993-1997). Publication
Funding Collaboratives for Neighborhood Organizations: An Analysis of Local and National Experiences. Publication
Minneapolis Survey: How the City Grew and What Should be Preserved. Publication
Reversal of Production and Consumption at the Minnesota State Fair. Publication
Annotated Bibliography of Cambodia and Cambodian Refugees. Publication
Longfellow Community Population and Housing Characteristics, 1940-2000. Publication
Update '81. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring 2004 Issue. Publication
Big Stone County Draft Comprehensive Plan. Publication
Guide to the Collections of the Northeast Minnesota Historical Center. Publication
Assessment of the East Side Community Outreach Partnership Center. Publication
American Indian Housing Report: Phillips Community. Publication
Rapid Analysis Fiscal Tool User's Manual. Publication
Itasca County Resorts and Tourism. Publication
Instability in American Metropolitan Growth. Publication
Minnesota Land Owner Maps and Directories. Publication
Hassan Area Historic Preservation. Publication
Neighborhood Revitalization Seminar Series, Final Report. Publication
Lost Lake Reconsidered. Publication
Building Community in Seward Neighborhood: A Self-Study Project of the Seward Neighborhood Group. Publication
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