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Affordable Childcare: Is There a Crisis? Publication
Welfare Reform and the Phillips Neighborhood: Areas of Concern (1997). Publication
Profiles of the Development of Neighborhood Child-Care Facilities. Publication
Early Childhood Education Research Project: 1991-1992. Publication
Report on the Status of Child Care: Programs, Services and Needs at the Twin Cities Campus, University of Minnesota. Publication
Addressing Barriers to Childcare Assistance: Collaborating to Tap the Potential of Childcare. Publication
Southside Childcare Collaborative: An Examination of the Market for Childcare in Four South Minneapolis Neighborhoods. Publication
Survey of Family Child Care Providers: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Child Care at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities: A Preliminary Needs Assessment. Publication
Cooperative Student Family Living: A History and Census of the Como Student Community. Publication
CURA Reporter. Summer 2004 Issue. Publication
Welfare Reform: Impact on Families in Summit-University. 'The Facts and the Families' and 'The Changes and the Challenges.' Publication
Federal and State Welfare Reform. Implications for Children in the Summit-University Neighborhood. Publication
Child Care in High Risk Families. Publication
Why We Should Invest Money in Child Care. Publication
Licensed Child Care Market in Phillips. Publication
Southside Child Care Collaborative: Recommended Funding Schema. Publication
Survey of Child Care Center Directors: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Campus Child Care: The State of the Art. Results of a Selective National Survey. Publication
2005 Minnesota State Survey--Part I: Results and Technical Report. Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall 2005 Issue. Publication
Tracking Impacts of Welfare Reform in the Phillips Neighborhood: Food Shelves, Child Care, and Housing. Publication
Primer: Understanding the Child Care Trilemma from an Economic Perspective. Publication
Rethinking Child Care Issues: The Family Day Care Option. Publication
Government Support for Child Care. Publication
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