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UMore Park FIRP Forum Event
2019-2020 Faculty Interactive Research Program Call for Proposals News story
2012-2013 Faculty Interactive Research Program Awards News story
2017-2018 Faculty Interactive Research Program Call for Proposals News story
2018-2019 Faculty Interactive Research Program Call for Proposals News story
2013-2014 Faculty Interactive Research Program Awards News story
2016-2017 Faculty Interactive Research Program Call for Proposals News story
2016-2017 Faculty Interactive Research Program Awards News story
2020-2021 Faculty Interactive Research Program Call for Proposals News story
2018-2019 Faculty Interactive Research Program Awards News story
2014-2015 Faculty Interactive Research Program Awards News story
2017-2018 Faculty Interactive Research Program Awards News story
2020-2021 Faculty Interactive Research Program Awards News story
Competition for the 2013-2014 Faculty Interactive Research Program News story
Competition for the 2014-2015 Faculty Interactive Research Program News story
2015-2016 Faculty Interactive Research Program Awards News story
Moin Syed and Steve Yussen Awarded Faculty Interactive Research Program Grants News story
Faculty Interactive Research Program (FIRP) Program
Educational Needs of Dislocated Workers in Minnesota. Publication
GrandNet: A Community Electronic Network in Rural Minnesota. Publication
Natural Sources of Arsenic in Minnesota Groundwater Publication
Residential Development Impacts in Two Minnesota Regions. Publication
Minnesota Response to AIDS. Publication
Family View of Mobility Among Low-Income Children. Publication
Access to Growing Job Centers in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Three Ethnic Specific Schools in the Twin Cities: Making Desegregation a Choice? Publication
Voices from Home: How Diverse Families Support Children's Learning in Similar Ways. Publication
Overcoming Barriers to Forest Bioenergy Production in Minnesota. Publication
What Happens after Environmental Review? A Review of the Implementation of AUAR Mitigation. Publication
Targeted Subsidization of Postsecondary Education Enrollment in Minnesota: A Policy Evaluation. Publication
Sport as Prevention? Minneapolis' Experiment with Late-Night Basketball. Publication
Park-Use Behaviors and a Pilot Park-Use Promotion Program in Minneapolis: Implications for Addressing Health Inequities. Publication
Toward Preventing Youth Violence: Engaging Urban Middle-School Students in Community Service Learning. Publication
Growth of Occupational Licensing: Are We Protecting Consumers? Publication
Project Update: Consumer Support Grant Program. Publication
Long-Term Impacts of Lead Peace Service Learning Program on High School Seniors from North Minneapolis Publication
Speeding Road Construction: Efficient Contract Design Can Lead to Faster Repairs, Fewer Delays, and Lower Commuter Costs. Publication
Rise of African American Poverty in the Twin Cities, 1980 to 1990. Publication
Project Update: Eutrophication in Two Urban Lakes in Virginia, Minnesota. Publication
Designing a Social-Welfare Safety Net that Supports Low-Income Workers. Publication
Ecocenter as Tourist Attraction: Ely and the International Wolf Center. Publication
From Risks to Assets: Toward a Strengths-Based Approach to Juvenile Justice Reentry into the Community. Publication
Photochemical Transformation of Antibiotics in Minnesota Waters. Publication
Recruiting and Retaining Nurses in Minnesota. Publication
Violence Against Women in West-Central Minnesota. Publication
Addressing Barriers to Childcare Assistance: Collaborating to Tap the Potential of Childcare. Publication
Homeless School Children. Preliminary Report. Publication
Spatial Data Mining: An Emerging Tool for Policy Makers. Publication
Hydrogen Generation Using Magnetite to Store Energy from Alternative Sources. Publication
Renewable Electricity Policy in Minnesota: Can We Change the Subject? Publication
Tourism and the International Wolf Center. Publication
Postsecondary Opportunity and Choice: Factors Influencing the Attendance Decisions of Minnesota Students. Publication
Assessing the Barriers to and Potential for Wetland Restoration in Agricultural Watersheds. Publication
Client Evaluation of the Victim/Offender Conferencing Program in Washington County (MN). Interim Report. Publication
Achievements of First-Generation Hmong Youth: Findings from the Youth Development Study. Publication
The Nutritional Quality of Foods Donated by Individuals to the Emergency Foodshelf Network. Publication
Landscape Planning and Land-Use Policy to Conserve Natural Resources in Southeastern Minnesota. Publication
When Foster Parents Are Kin. Publication
Charter Schools, Parents, and Public Schools in Minnesota. Publication
Estrogen Mimics in Industrial Wastewater: Sources and Treatment. Publication
The Unraveling of the American Dream. Publication
The North American Free Trade Agreement: Its Impact on Minnesota and Wisconsin. Publication
Transitions Off Welfare: An Examination of Demographic, Socioeconomic, and Motivational Predictors. Publication
Alien Students, Alien Staff: How Awesome the Gap in Higher Education. Publication
How Many Filth Flies Is Too Many? Nuisance Thresholds for Rural Minnesota Communities. Publication
Extraboard-Driver Workforce Planning for Bus Transit Operations Publication
A Framework for Building Evaluation Capacity Based on the Experiences of Three Organizations. Publication
Financing Long Term Care: Dilemmas and Decisions Facing the Elderly, Family Members, and Society. Publication
Where Do Minnesota Policy Ideas Come From? Publication
Trucks and SUVs in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area: How Dangerous Are They? Publication
Municipal Wastewater Treatment: A Novel Opportunity to Slow the Proliferation of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria? Publication
State Evaluation of Foreign Sales Efforts. Publication
Evaluating Economic and Fiscal Impacts of an Evolving Swine Industry. Publication
Exploring the Potential for a More Local Food System in the Western Lake Superior Region . Publication
Subprime Lending and Foreclosure in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties. Publication
Groundwater Modeling in Minnesota. Publication
Reading Achievement in an Urban School: Collaboration for Reform. Publication
Early Childhood Education at the YWCA of Minneapolis: Parent and Staff Perspectives on Quality, Access, and Policy. Publication
Work and Home Location: Exploring the Possible Role of Social Networks. Publication
When the Client is Unwilling. Publication
Project Update: Dakota Immersion Preschool at Pezihutazizi. Publication
Evaluating Animal Agriculture Impacts on Water Quality: Data Gaps in a West Central Minnesota Case Study Publication
Assessing the Role of Microorganisms in the Accelerated Corrosion of Port Transportation Infrastructure in the Duluth-Superior Harbor. Publication
Affordable Childcare: Is There a Crisis? Publication
Boomers at Work and in Transition Publication
Arsenic in Minnesota Groundwater: Recent Research and Implications for Minnesota. Publication
An Evaluation of the Performance of Applied General Equilibrium Models of the Impact of NAFTA. A Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Research Department Staff Report. Publication
Quantifying the Effectiveness of Soil Remediation Techniques in Compact Urban Soils. Publication
Subprime Lending and Foreclosure in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties: An Empirical Analysis. Publication
Well Characteristics Influencing Arsenic Concentrations in Ground Water. Publication
Risk and Resilience Among Children Homeless in Minneapolis. Publication
Recycling Asphalt Roofing Shingles in Asphalt Pavements. Publication
Evaluating the Impact of No Child Left Behind in Minnesota. Publication
Studies of Children Homeless in Minneapolis: 1989-1996. Publication
Predictors of Success at Leaving the Minnesota Family Investment Program. Publication
Who Seeks Home Foreclosure-Prevention Counseling? Publication
Would Reductions in Class Size Raise Minnesota Students' Test Scores? Evidence from Minnesota's Elementary Schools. Publication
Improving Economic Forecasting in Minnesota. Publication
Recreational Use of the St. Croix Islands and Its Implications for the Integrity of Forest Island Ecosystems. Publication
County Workforce Flow Patterns in Minnesota: Where Do Workers Go to Work? Publication
Preparing Minnesota Teachers for Diverse Classrooms. Publication
Prosecution of Rapists. Publication
Perceptions of the Environmental Review Process in Minnesota. Publication
The Emerging Markets Homeownership Initiative: Pilot Organization and Participant Experiences. Publication
Gambling with Their Lives: American Indians and the Casinos. Publication
Arsenic in Groundwater: Recent Research and Implications for Minnesota. Publication
The Social Determinants of Native Youth Gang Involvement Publication
Improving the Education of Minnesota's Students from Pre-K through College: Measuring Student Progress and Using Data to Drive Decision Making. Publication
Climate Variability and the Productivity of Barley and Oats in Minnesota. Publication
Project Update: The Consequences of Racial Disparities in School Suspensions. Publication
Kinship Foster Care in Minnesota: A Study of Three Counties. Final Report to the Minnesota Department of Human Resources. Publication
Spatial Databases: A Tour. Publication
North American Free Trade. Publication
Workplace Victimization among Healthcare Workers in Minnesota. Publication
Household Lifestyles and Their Relationship to Land-Use and Transportation Planning Publication
Urban Growth and Environmental Protection: Searching for a Balance at Eagle Creek. Publication
Our Children's Songs: American Indian Students and the Schools. Publication
Something Old and Something New: Forest Bioenergy Production in Minnesota. Publication
Changing Landscapes in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Economic and Local Government Impacts of the Minnesota Swine Industry. Publication
Neighborhood Environmental Inventories on the Internet: Creating a New Kind of Community Resource for Phillips Neighborhood. Publication
Potential Impacts of Bus Rapid Transit on the West Broadway Neighborhood. Publication
Woodbury Police Department's Restorative Justice Community Conferencing Program. An Initial Assessment of Client Satisfaction. Publication
Minnesota's Unreformed Sales Tax. Publication
School Success in Motion: Protective Factors for Academic Achievement in Homeless and Highly Mobile Children inMinneapolis. Publication
Frail Elderly at Risk. Publication
Consequences of Minnesota Child Support Guidelines for Children of Divorced Parents. Publication
Achieving Success in Business: A Comparison of Somali and American-Born Entrepreneurs in Minneapolis. Publication
Raising Minnesota's Minimum Wage. Publication
Understanding Youth Resilience by Leveraging the Youth Development Study Archive Publication
Glacial Sediment Causing Regional-Scale Elevated Arsenic in Drinking Water. Publication
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