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Benefits of Jobs Through CURA

Over the years, students have identified many benefits to the jobs they discovered through CURA. Most report that the experience complemented and enhanced their academic course work, and some say the experience changed their career direction or academic focus. Other benefits to finding a job through CURA include:

  • access to a variety of employment opportunities in many areas of public policy
  • an opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills in a real-world setting
  • an opportunity to practice Principles of Community Based Research
  • academic year tuition benefits
  • a chance to work with local agencies or organizations on issues of importance to the citizens of Minnesota
  • potential knowledge or material for a course paper or thesis project
  • contact with or access to area civic and community leaders

Here is what some former University of Minnesota students have to say about their experiences working with CURA:

“CURA provided an excellent training ground for my professional development, both on campus and off campus. I felt privileged to be affiliated with CURA.”
—Lizbeth Pyle, research associate, Institutional Analysis and Planning at West Virginia University

“I'm not sure how I would have fared without having this opportunity to be out in the community testing and practicing what I learned in the classroom. . . . The CURA work was a valuable and important part of my education.”
—Paul Fate, director, Local Initiative Support Group

“CURA was a key experience in my intellectual and professional growth”
—John L. Adams, statistician, Rand Corporation

“I was in the humanities, so much of what I'd been doing had been theoretical. I was doing very little pragmatic work. CURA really gave me the opportunity to learn how to practice this theory in the public sphere.”
—Kathryn Milun, assistant professor of anthropology, Rice University

“The experience [I gained through CURA] was very helpful professionally and academically. I am extremely grateful.”
—Patricia Schwarz, former doctoral student in the Department of Geography