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CURA Internship Guide

A student internship is another way to connect with university students' skills and energy. An internship is a paid or unpaid position to work on one or more projects for an organization usually for a semester for several hours each week. The internship can be arranged for credit depending on the student's needs. The CURA Internship Guide explains the elements of a successful internship and lists information and contacts for internship services at Twin Cities universities.

Elements of a Successful Internship

Internships and the sponsoring organization should:

  • Plan for the internship several months before the semester starts (semesters usually start in September for Fall, January or February for Spring, and May for Summer).
  • Begin with a written description of the position that outlines work assignments, responsibilities, time commitment and provides background information on the organization.
  • Have a clear purpose and/or simulate a job.
  • Have an on-site mentor/supervisor that is committed to meeting with the intern on a regular basis.
  • Have a clear written agreement with the intern about expectations, responsibilities, student's learning goals for the internship, and schedule.
  • Allow students to work a significant amount of time.
  • Offer orientation to the student on the organization's mission and facilities.
  • Provide any necessary training.
  • Provide space and supplies for the student to conduct their work
  • Follow rules and guidelines established by the intern's college or university.

Resources for Locating Student Interns

All Minnesota College and Universities

Augsburg College

Stromen Center for Meaningful Work

Concordia University
Contact: Pamela Braun, Director of Career Services, 651-603-6241, pbraun@csp.edu

Hamline University
Forms: http://www.hamline.edu/hamline_info/offices_services/student_relations/studentaffairs/cdc/employers/job_entry_form.html
Contact: Janaya Martin, Programming and Office Coordinator, 651-523-2703, jmartin10@hamline.edu

Macalester College
Contact: 651-696-6128. To arrange an internship, submit a written position description via mail or fax to: Macalester College, Internship Program, 1600 Grand Ave., St. Paul, MN55105

Metropolitan State University
Contact: Jeanine Harff, 651-793-1290

St. Catherine University

Center for Community Work and Learning
Contact: Martha Malinski, 651-690-8718, mjmalinski@stkate.edu

University of St. Thomas
Contact: Jennifer Kaysen-Rogers, 651-962-6762

Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA)
Contact: 1-800-554-1089 or 651-659-9421 

University of MN Goldpass

University of MN College of Liberal Arts
Coordinator, Service Learning Courses: Laurel Hirt, 612-625-3344, Lhirt@adv.cla.umn.edu

University of MN Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Contact: Jane Vega, Career Services, 612-624-3800, jvega@hhh.umn.edu

University of MN Carlson School of Management
Contact: Business Career Center, 612-624-0011

University of MN School of Public Health
Contact: Sharon Goodyear, Career Services Coordinator, 612-624-6915, career@sph.umn.edu.

University of MN College of Design

University of MN College of Ag, Food and Environmental Sciences

University of MN Institute of Technology 
Contact: 612-624-4090, itcs@tc.umn.edu.

University of MN School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Contact: (612) 625-9824, sjmc@umn.edu