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Title Publishedsort icon Author Summary Program Keywords
Chronic Alcoholism Project, Spring 1990. Final Report. 1990 Ganzel, Mary. Communiversity alcohol, chemical dependency, Communiversity, detoxification, funding, Hennepin County, Minneapolis, treatment programs
Minnesota Governments: Human Rights and Diversity Survey. Statewide Report. 1992 Niziolik, Dan. Communiversity cities, Communiversity, diversity, equal opportunity, human rights, local governments, minorities, nonmetropolitan areas, surveys
Minnesota Governments: Human Rights and Diversity Survey. Suburban Hennepin Report. 1992 Niziolik, Dan. Communiversity Communiversity, diversity, equal opportunity, Hennepin County, human rights, local governments, minorities, suburbs, surveys
Hispanic Education Career Fair Planning and Implementation Manual. 1992 Schryver, Robert. Communiversity career development, Communiversity, education, Hispanics, Latinos, manuals, minorities, students
United Negro College Fund (Minnesota): Donor Profile 1992. 1992 Sridhar, Vengesana R.

Historically, Black colleges and universities in the United States have always been heavily dependent on donations to survive economically. Most of these institutions, based primarily in the southern states, have been under increasing financial stress in the last twenty years. The United Negro College Fund is a nonprofit fundraising organization for forty-one Black colleges and universities. The local chapter wanted a demographic profile of potential donors, and this 1992 study was carried out by a CURA graduate student.

Communiversity African Americans, Blacks, colleges, Communiversity, corporate philanthropy, foundations, minorities, philanthropy
Preliminary Development of a Study Protocol to Evaluate the Efficacy of Acupuncture Therapy for Treatment of Chronic Pain and Depression. 1992 Salo, Kelley and Amos Deinard. Communiversity acupuncture, Communiversity, healthcare, mental health, minorities, Southeast Asians
Literature Review: The Development of Culturally Appropriate Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Curriculum for the Ojibwe School. Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault, Duluth, MN. 1993 Roth, Monica. Communiversity American Indians, child abuse, Communiversity, curriculum, literature reviews, minorities, Native Americans, Ojibwe School, prevention programs, Red Lake, sexual abuse
Characteristics of Hispanic Students in Minnesota Public Schools and Post-Secondary Institutions: A Look at Demographics, Graduation, Attrition, Retention and Participation. 1993 Maland, Jane. Communiversity colleges, Communiversity, dropouts, education, elementary schools, enrollment, high school students, higher education, Hispanics, Latinos, minorities, students
Summary Report on the Bus Mediation Program at Olson Contemporary School. 1993 Hahn, Debra. Communiversity Communiversity, conflict resolution, Minneapolis, neighborhoods, school buses, schools, students
Analysis of Alternatives for Financing Maintenance and Repair of Public Ditches. An Advisory Report Prepared for the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources. 1993 Carlson, Elizabeth P. Communiversity Communiversity, drainage ditches, tax levies, tax levy, watersheds
New Village: A Housing Cooperative of Cambodian and Laotian Refugees. 1993 Powderhorn Residents Group. Communiversity Cambodian, Communiversity, cooperative housing, housing, Lao, Minneapolis, minorities, Powderhorn Park neighborhood, Southeast Asians
Unlawful Detainer Court Study. State of Minnesota, Hennepin County, Fourth Judicial District Court, First Division, Minneapolis. 1993 Lipkin, Rachel. Communiversity Communiversity, courts, Hennepin County, housing, legislation, Minneapolis, public policy, tenants, unlawful detainer
Program Evaluation of the Intervention Program of the Women's Coalition, Duluth, MN. 1993 Mayer, Teresa. Communiversity advocates, battered women, children, Communiversity, courts, criminal justice, Duluth, intervention programs, minorities, mothers, shelters, surveys
Unlawful Detainer Court Study. State of Minnesota, Hennepin County, Fourth Judicial District Court, First Division, Minneapolis. 1993 Lipkin, Rachel. Communiversity courts, Hennepin County, housing, legislation, Minneapolis, public policy, tenants, unlawful detainer
When the Poor Face Housing Court. 1993 Lipkin, Rachel S.

Tenants are often evicted from rental units in bad repair. They are unaware that the bad conditions in their unit might have provided a defense against their landlord. Many tenants feel they do not have a chance to be heard in court. Advocates for low income people at Lutheran Social Service's Housing Resource Center were able to survey tenants in housing court through one of CURA's Communiversity Personnel Grants. In 1993 a graduate student in the School of Social Work conducted the survey and presented the results to the Hennepin County Housing Court Advisory Committee.

Communiversity Communiversity, courts, Hennepin County, housing, legislation, Minneapolis, public policy, surveys, tenants, unlawful detainer
Child Abuse Prevention: Understanding the Needs of the African American Community. 1994 Welty, Katherine P. Communiversity African Americans, Blacks, child abuse, Communiversity, minorities, Parents Anonymous, prevention programs
Evaluation of the Duluth Indian Teacher Training Program. 1994 McLeod, Laura. Communiversity American Indians, Communiversity, Duluth, minorities, Native Americans, surveys, teachers, training
Minnesota Hispanic Education Program Parental Involvement Survey: Project Update, August 1994. 1994 LaFianza, Javier. Communiversity Communiversity, education, Hispanics, Latinos, minorities, parents, students, surveys
Impact Study of Community Development Block Grant/Financial Management Education Program. 1994 Kennedy, Marilyn J.

A two-year pilot project in financial management education, specifically adapted for individuals and families with limited incomes by the Minnesota Extension Service in Ramsey County, is the subject of this 1994 evaluation report. The program reached a total of 1,843 individuals and families of which 290 families received the full financial education program.f The effectiveness of the intervention and the subsequent impact on the lives of the program participants are presented in the report, as well as recommendations for curriculum changes.

Communiversity Communiversity, Extension Service, financial management, intervention programs, low-income groups, Ramsey County, St Paul, surveys, University of Minnesota
First Steps Curriculum and Job-Readiness Curriculum Outline. 1994 McGregor, Jane. Communiversity Communiversity, curriculum, education, Hmong, job training, minorities, training, women
Many Faces of Mexico. 1995 Ruiz, Octavio Madigan, Amy Sanders, and Meredith Sommers. Communiversity Communiversity, curriculum, education, history, Mexico, study guides
Asian American Youth in the Twin Cities: Overachievers or Delinquents? 1996 Yang, Mary Kao. Communiversity Asians, Communiversity, dropouts, education, Hmong, Minneapolis, minorities, schools, St Paul, surveys, Twin Cities
American Indian Culturally-Specific Juvenile Programming Survey: Summary Report. 1996 Lauer, Tammy. Communiversity American Indians, Communiversity, criminal justice, juvenile justice, minorities, Native Americans, surveys, youth
Public Interest Law Consortium (PILC). Formative Evaluation. 1996 Agresta, Stephanie. Communiversity Communiversity, education, evaluations, law students, legal aid, pro bono, surveys
Public Interest Law Consortium (PILC). A Project of the Minnesota Justice Foundation (MJF), the University of Minnesota School of Law, and the William Mitchell College of Law. Formative Evaluation. 1996 Agresta, Stephanie. Communiversity Communiversity, curriculum, law students, legal aid, low-income groups, pro bono, surveys
Reality Based Research Study of American Indians in the Frogtown and Summit/University Neighborhoods. 1996 Kramer, Jessica. Communiversity Communiversity, Frogtown neighborhood, low-income groups, social services, St Paul, Summit neighborhood, Summit-University neighborhood, surveys, University neighborhood
Managing on a Limited Income. 1996 Kennedy, Marilyn J.

CURA evaluated a pioneering 1996 project developed by the Ramsey County Extension Service to teach financial management to poor families. The goal was to teach families how to work with the resources available to them and help them gain a sense of control over their financial affairs. There were numerous signs that the project was successful in doing this. Many also gained hope by participating in the project. Support from other participants and from staff reduced their isolation and knowing that a public agency cared enough to create such a project lifted their spirits.

Communiversity Communiversity, education, Extension Service, financial management, low-income groups, Ramsey County, University of Minnesota
Survey and Analysis of South St. Anthony Park. 1997 Crowell, Herbert. Communiversity businesses, Communiversity, St Paul, surveys
Gun Violence Reduction Study: Minneapolis Youth Speak on Selected Strategies. 1997 Andrusesky, Dimitri. Communiversity Communiversity, focus groups, guns, mentoring, prevention programs, violence, youth
No Magic Bullet: What Minneapolis Youth Say About Gun Violence. 1997 Andrusesky, Dimitri and Mei Ding. Communiversity Communiversity, focus groups, guns, prevention programs, violence, youth