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Recent Publications

Protecting the Civil Rights of Detained Immigrants in Minnesota

Chin, Jacob, Katherine Fennelly, Kathleen Moccio, Charles Miles, and José D. Pacas. Published in 2011.

During the past five years, the kinds of immigration enforcement actions that lead to arrests and detentions have dramatically increased. Undocumented immigrants, as well as some lawful permanent residents, end up in civil immigration detention through various channels that include seeking asylum in the United States, arrests at worksite raids or in homes, random stops for civil violations (such as a burned-out tail light), and arrests or convictions for crimes.

Envisioning an Internet Center for Homeless Individuals: One Group’s Quest to Reduce the Digital Divide.

Orrick, Rebecca. Published in 2011.

A Rural Community’s Response to its Changing Demography: Welcome to Worthington.

Stone, Barbara. Published in 2011.

Worthington, Minnesota, has provided employment for Karen refugees from Burma since 2007 due to the availability of positions where English language was not a prerequisite for employment. Many of the refugees were assisted in resettlement by non-profit refugee employment service agencies located in the Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul. In 2010, Karen refugees were interviewed to determine their satisfaction with the move to Worthington.

Ending Long-Term Homelessness: Housing Stability for Adults in a Scattered-Site Housing First Program.

Stone, Barbara. Published in 2011.

Using the "Housing First/Harm Reduction" model (getting people into affordable housing first, and then addressing other issues they may have, such as mental illness, chemical dependency, or other barriers to stable housing) St. Stephen’s Human Services runs five programs to End Long-Term Homelessness.

Neighborhood Advocacy for Pedestrian Realm Improvements in the Central Corridor: A Central Corridor Pedestrian Planning Report.

Bonsteel, Hayley. Published in 2011.

Church as a Protective Factor in Urban African American Youth.

McDonald, Jessica. Published in 2011.

147th Street Station Area Sustainability Master Plan.

Stroud, Henry, Justin Svingen, Jill Townley, and Katie Young Published in 2011.

The City of Apple Valley is planning for change along the Cedar Avenue corridor with the introduction of the State of Minnesota’s first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. Beginning in 2012, the 16-mile BRT line will run from Lakeville, with stops in Apple Valley and Eagan, to an existing transportation hub located at the Mall of America (MOA) in Bloomington. For Apple Valley, this is an opportunity to create transit-supportive development in a vibrant and economically viable location that will help grow the community in a sustainable manner.

Mississippi National River and Recreation Area Sustainability Framework.

Blitzer, Mary, Raya Esmaeili, Paula Guetter, Matt Malecha, Craig McDonnell, and Linden Weiswerda. Published in 2011.

This sustainability framework for the Mississippi National River Recreation Area (MNRRA) was undertaken as a requirement for graduation from the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs. The goal of this semester–long project was to create a final product that allows MNRRA to incorporate sustainability into its short and long-term planning efforts. The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area (MNRRA) was established in 1988 in the heart of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota) metropolitan area. The Park encompasses a 72 miles stretch of the Mississippi River.

District 6 Planning Council, Serving the North End/South Como Neighborhoods: Resident Livability Report.

Quan, Tim. Published in 2011.

Medical Needs and Healthcare Services for the Somali Community in the Twin Cities.

Mohamed, Ifrah Y. and Abdul Wahab Warsame. Published in 2011.

Social Media Evaluation: A Survey of Minnesota Nonprofit Organizations.

Cici, Kristen. Published in 2011.

Minnesota Community Blueprint to Asian/American and Pacific Islander Health Equity: Indicators for Success.

Pham, Joseph B. Published in 2011.

The Northside Healthy Eating Project: Transportation Access to Affordable Fresh Produce.

Swingley, Sarah. Published in 2011.

Why Homeless Individuals “Get Stuck”: A Closer Look at Shelter Use and Intervention Points in Hennepin County.

Edwards, Ashley, Jennifer Hyk, Amelia Kendall, Jennifer Larson, and Tesfaye Negash. Published in 2011.

This policy brief is adapted from Heading Home Hennepin: An Analysis of Shelter Use and Intervention Points, a report prepared for Professor Maria Hanratty’s spring 2010 capstone workshop at the University of Minnesota’s Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs. The brief summarizes a study that assessed how well homelessness programs funded by Hennepin County, in partnership with other agencies and organizations, are meeting the needs of the long-term homeless population.

Social Media Use in Neighborhood Associations.

Cici, Kristen. Published in 2011.

Mysteries of Public Finance.

University Metropolitan Consortium. Published in 2010.

This 30-minute DVD, produced in cooperation with Twin Cities Public Television, explains the basics of how public funding works, including how governments raise money, how it is spent, who benefits, and who pays.

An Evaluation of Lifetrack Services to Karen in a Second Wave of Migration to Worthington, Minnesota: Nine Rays of Light Reach the Star of the North.

Stone, Barbara. Published in 2010.

Between October 1998 and June 2010, 2,792 refugees from Burma, mostly via Thai refugee camps, arrived in Minnesota (Minnesota Department of Human Services Resettlement Programs Office, 2010). The highest number of refugees, 667, from Burma came in DHS grant year 2006 (October 2006 through September 2007). In the first three quarters of the current grant year (GY 2009), 595 refugees arrived in Minnesota from Burma (Minnesota Department of Human Services Resettlement Programs Office, 2010).

Assessing Public Parking Demand at Southwest Lake and Hiawatha.

Bergman, Sasha. Published in 2010.

Quality of Life Change and Immigration Legal Benefits:Documenting Outcomes of Status Change for Immigrants and Refugees.

Rechitsky, Raphi. Published in 2010.

Westland Commons Development: Vision & Design Guidelines for a Sustainable Development-St. Paul’s North End.

Turner, Elizabeth. Published in 2010.

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