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The Conservation Security Program—Awaiting a Final Rule.

Weisman, Barbara.

For decades, farm policy analysts have discussed the idea of 'green payments' to compensate farmers for the environmental goods and services they provide, such as clean water, healthy soil, and enhanced habitat. With enactment of the federal Conservation Security Program (CSP) in 2002, green payments are an idea whose time has come. Unlike previous conservation programs—which have been criticized for restricting eligibility to land that is cropped, rapidly eroding, or located in specially designated priority areas—CSP was to be open to all farms nationwide. Using tiered financial incentives to encourage progressively higher levels of stewardship, CSP was designed to reward existing conservation efforts while helping farmers voluntarily address additional conservation needs on virtually all types of agricultural working lands, as well as land reserved or taken out of production for conservation purposes. After a two-year delay, CSP should be set to launch this summer. With the federal budget deficit casting a cloud over the prospect of full funding for the program, however, it remains to be seen whether CSP can live up to expectations as a green payments program. This article describes how the program may be drastically scaled back and what this means for Minnesota.

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Minneapolis: Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota.
34 (2): 27-28.
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