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Twin Lakes Redevelopment Project: A Case Study in Residential Brownfield Redevelopment.

Mazullo, Jill.

Brownfieldsラabandoned or underutilized industrial sitesラgenerally have a reputation as undesirable locations for residential development because of fears about pollution and contamination. The assumption is that brownfield sites are more appropriate for commercial and industrial uses because remediating the soil to residential standards can be prohibitively expensive. Based on her experiences as a graduate intern with the City of Roseville, the author uses Roseville's Twin Lakes project as a case study of the challenges of residential brownfield redevelopment and offers policy prescriptions for encouraging such projects in other suburban communities. These include (1) allowing new 25-year redevelopment tax increment financing districts to be created, (2) recognizing roads as economic development tools that justify county and state aid, (3) creating a regional brownfield redevelopment authority for inner-ring suburban cities, (4) providing strong support from local elected officials for suburban brownfield redevelopment projects, and (5) creating a coalition between smart growth activists and brownfield redevelopment advocates.

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Supported through a grant from CURA's Local Government Planning Internship program.
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