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Envision North St. Paul: Engaging Underrepresented Participants In Response to the Request By the City of North Saint Paul.

Johnson, Wesley, Suadi Abdi, Tony Damiano, David Kowen.

Produced by students in PA 5253: Designing Participation Processes, fall 2013 (Instructor Carissa Schively Slotterback, Humphrey School of Public Affairs) as part of the 2013-2014 Resilient Communities Partnership with the City of North St. Paul. 

Strong communities are built on strong neighborhoods. The City would like to build on existing neighborhood crime watch organizations to engage and empower neighborhood residents to keep their neighborhoods safe, livable, and vibrant, while developing a clearer sense of who they are as a neighborhood. The goal of the project is to improve community livability, strengthen social ties within North Saint Paul, enhance public safety, and create a sense of pride among residents in their neighborhood and the larger community.

A graduate-level Urban Planning course in public participation processes developed a generalized engagement strategy for unengaged or underrepresented populations in the city, including a process for getting residents engaged in neighborhood and community issues. This report was created by 1 of 2 teams in the course. The proposal from the second team is CURA report call number RCP-041.

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Minneapolis: Resilient Communities Project.
This project was supported by the Resilient Communities Project (RCP), a program at the University of Minnesota that convenes the wide-ranging expertise of U of M faculty and students to address strategic local projects that advance community resilience and sustainability. RCP is supported by the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) and the Institute on the Environment.
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