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Improving Stormwater Management: A Case Study in Best Management Practices

Ryan, John and Daniel Thomas

Produced by students in LAW 7012: Land, Environment, and Energy Law Clinic (Instructor Jean Coleman, Law School) as part of the 2012-2013 Resilient Communities Partnership with the City of Minnetonka. 

The purpose of the collaboration between the Environmental Policy Clinic (Clinic) and
the City of Minnetonka (Minnetonka) is to improve Minnetonka’s stormwater management in an
effort to preserve water quality. Minnetonka specifically asked the Clinic to study the issue of
illicit discharge – essentially, non-permitted, non-authorized discharges into the storm sewer – in
the hopes that better understanding would help the city address the issue. The Clinic conducted a
thorough audit of Minnetonka’s current stormwater regulations, as well as case studies of
stormwater management practices and challenges in Minnetonka’s neighboring cities and cities
across the United States. From this audit and these case studies, the clinic formulated policy
recommendations, and outlined challenges faced by similarly situated cities.

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Minneapolis: Resilient Communities Project
This project was supported by the Resilient Communities Project (RCP), a program at the University of Minnesota that convenes the wide-ranging expertise of U of M faculty and students to address strategic local projects that advance community resilience and sustainability. RCP is supported by the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) and the Institute on the Environment.
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