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Report on the State of Public Art in the West Side Neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Principe, Carlos.

The need for inquiry on the state of public art has come as result of signs of physical deterioration on some existing public art pieces in the West Side neighborhood, in Saint Paul. The absence of a maintenance plan to sustain the physical conditions of public art in the West Side has raised concerns among many community members and leaders. REDA (Riverview Economic Development Association) has taken the initiative to pursue preliminary research on existing public art deterioration, in the West Side neighborhood, so priority for funding will be assigned to public art pieces deserving immediate attention for revitalization. In order to prioritize funding for restoration, a research task has been assigned to a University of Minnesota student to assist REDA in identifying public art pieces valuable to the community, which also require immediate restoration. Objectives, assigned by REDA, to the public art research project included the following: Identify which public art pieces are important to the community; Engage the West Side Community in evaluation of public art, Provide a inventory of the existing public art; Provide recommendations for prioritizing revitalization initiatives of existing public art pieces in despair; Recommendations for sustainability of public art in the future. The purpose of this research report is to explain the process in which prioritization for specific public art pieces was conducted, and to provide recommendations on steps to take in order to proceed with the restoration of public art based on research results from within the West Side community.

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Conducted on behalf of Riverview Economic Development Association. Supported by Neighborhood Partnerships for Community Research (NPCR), a program of the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA), University of Minnesota.
66 pp.
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