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Framework for Measuring Sustainable Regional Development for the Twin Cities Region. Final Report.

Center for Urban and Regional Affairs and Center for Transportation Studies.

This report serves as the final report related to the Sustainable Regional Development (SRD) project sponsored by The McKnight Foundation. The purpose of the project is to identify a framework for an indicator system to measure sustainable regional development in the Twin Cities metropolitan region over the long term. The proposed framework includes a set of sustainability principles, indicators, measures, and accompanying data sources. It is anticipated that McKnight will use this sustainability framework for internal organizational purposes with the possibility of the system being considered by other local geographies in the future. This framework could also serve as a tool to compare sustainability between the Twin Cities seven-county region and other comparable regions. This report provides a summary of the research and previous reports, presents a final recommended set of performance measures for the indicators, and makes recommendations for the selection of tier 1 and tier 2 indicators, and recommends a plan for next steps. The content of the report includes a background summary of the project; the final proposed principles; the list of detailed indicators, measures and data sources; a matrix illustrating each indicator's relationship to the principles; tier 1 and tier 2 indicators; findings and analysis; conclusion and next steps.

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Minneapolis: Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota.
This project was funded by the McKnight Foundation.
40 pp.
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