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National Land Parcel Data: A Vision for the Future.

National Research Council of the National Academies, Committee on Land Parcel Databases.

This report by the National Research Council envisions a distributed system of land parcel data that is housed with appropriate data stewards but accessible through a central web-based interface. Counties and other units of government that maintain parcel data for their own purposes would publish a critical portion of that data to the distributed system. The report contains nine recommendations: (1) A panel should decide whether the Bureau of Land Management can be the lead federal agency. (2) The Federal Geographic Data Committee should consider the parcel as a basic resource for various OMB A-16 mandated data themes. (3) A Federal Land Parcel Coordinator should be empowered to develop and maintain a single database of land parcels owned or managed by the federal government. (4) A National Land Parcel Coordinator should be established to develop and oversee a land parcel data business plan for the nation including federal, local, state, and tribal partners. (5) An Indian Lands Parcel Coordinator should be established by the Office of Special Trustee for Tribal Lands. (6) Congress and the Census Bureau should explore modifying Title 13 so that building addresses and coordinates can be made public. (7) State Coordinators should be established in each state to develop plans and relationships with local government. The goal of these efforts is to achieve border-to-border parcel coverage for all publicly and privately owned property within the state. (8) The National Land Parcel Coordinator should develop an intergovernmental funding program for the development and maintenance of parcel data, including incentives to participate for those counties with fully-developed systems and financial support for those who do not. (9) Local government is expected to put into the public domain both parcel geometry and a very limited set of attributes. This should become a minimum requirement to receive federal funds directly associated with property, such as disaster relief. CURA associate director Will Craig served on the Committee on Land Parcel Databases, which produced the report.

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Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.
158 pp.
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