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Mississippi River Renaissance Corridor Landscape Regional Growth Management Framework Plan.

Buck, Lindsay, Steven Burzynski, Anna Claussen, Dan Haug, Jen Jacobs, Jeff Lawler, Teigen Leonard, Danny Makepeace, Joanne Richardson, Ernesto Rodriquez, Jamis Wehrenberg, and Ja-Jin Wu.

This report is part of the Mississippi River Renaissance Project (MRRP), a collaborative effort between the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and communities along the Mississippi River from St. Cloud to Morrison County. The goal of MRRP is to work with local communities to educate policy makers and the general public about natural resources and to help them incorporate natural resources information into land use policy and development decisions. MRRP seeks to help local land use decision-makers understand how natural resource data presented in the context of geographic information systems (GIS) technology can inform local land use planning. The report summarizes the development of a regional growth management framework plan for the Mississippi River Renaissance Corridor by a group of graduate-level landscape architecture students at the University of Minnesota.

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Project for Landscape Architecture 8203, Making Regional Space, in the Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Minnesota. Supported in part by a New Initiative grant from CURA.
222 pp.
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