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Hospitality Training Programs: A Review for Potential in Minnesota.

Cici, Kristen.

The Alliance for Metropolitan Stability is a coalition of organizations advocating for public policies that promote equity in urban and suburban development. Our mission is to promote racial, economic and environmental justice in the way economic growth and land development occurs in the Twin Cities region. The Alliance is a member of the HIRE Minnesota coalition, a group of organizations and activists that are working together to end racial disparities in employment in Minnesota.

HIRE Minnesota is considering the potential for a hospitality training program in Minnesota primarily out of consideration of the upcoming Vikings Stadium project in Minneapolis. The Vikings stadium project in Minneapolis is projected to bring 8,000 construction jobs to the city during construction. The project has also been touted as an economic development engine for city, for its potential ability to bring new development and associated hospitality jobs. HIRE Minnesota believes that hospitality jobs in Minneapolis, especially the well paying high-end hospitality jobs, are disproportionately filled by white workers.

To further explore the potential for a hospitality training program in Minnesota, the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs provided funding to research hospitality training programs throughout the country to gather information to inform program need, development, and design.


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Conducted on behalf of HIRE MN. Supported by the Kris Nelson Community-Based Research Program, a program of the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) at the University of Minnesota.
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