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University of Minnesota Class of '39 Symposium: How Can We Help Our University? What's the Problem?

University of Minnesota Class of '39.

To commemorate their golden anniversary, the Class of '39 organized a series of four public meetings to discuss and analyze the problems currently facing the University of Minnesota. The speeches given at the first symposium, in November 1988, are presented here along with a preface by Arthur E. Naftalin, a member of the Class of '39. The papers are: John R. Borchert on The Changing Context of the University, Philip M. Raup on A Profile of the University of Minnesota--What It Is and What It Is Not, John E. Turner on Viewing the University of Minnesota from the Classroom, James R. Nobles on Managing a Mega-University: How the University Operates, Josie R. Johnson on The University and Its Changing Clienteles: How Are Women, Minorities, and Non-Traditional Students Being Received?, and Elmer L. Anderson on The University and Its Politics: Whom Does the University Serve?

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CURA 89-2.Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota.
Symposium held on November 12, 1988 at the Hubert H. Humphrey Center, West Bank Campus, University Of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
45 pp.
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