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Cimarron Needs Assessment.

Cici, Kristen.

In 2011 FamilyMeans received funding from the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs at the University of Minnesota to conduct a survey of Cimarron, a mobile home community in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, to determine programming and service needs of the community. The focus of the project was to determine what activities and services were most needed in Cimarron for both adults and youth. A survey was developed and English and Spanish surveys were mailed to all 382 homes in Cimarron. Additionally, ten Cimarron residents (survey respondents) were interviewed to provide in-depth feedback on programming and their perception of the community.

13.4% of Cimarron residents completed the survey (n = 51), which suggests a 95% certainty that the data represents the population with a +/- 15% margin of error (Bennekom, 2003). The majority of respondents were women (86.7%) and parents (70.5%). The most useful services and activities for adults were crafts (70.2%), adult sports of exercise activities (68.5%), and computer classes (67.5%). The most useful services and activities for youth were art activities (90%), outdoor sports and gym time (89.3%), music (88.9%), and summer field trips (86.7%).

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Funded by a Communiversity Personnel Grant from the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA), University of Minnesota.
28 pp.
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